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The Post of Sales

I am sure that you have already been busy traipsing high streets and commercial centres for the best sales  buying that item you were lusting over which finally become affordable. Also buying something that you always wanted at a fraction of the original price is something incredibly satisfying. So I've picked few items and checked online their current prices so that you can go straight to the store or online.
This cape/sweater by Jaeger is absolutely brilliant. It is made of 100%  Merino wool and available  in charcoal and navy. Perfect  to wrap up and still put on show a nice top, also it glamourises a pair of sporty trousers. It is priced £ 120.00 from £
I am a big fan of this style of boots and I literally live the whole winter in them. This glitzy pair is by Faith at Debenhams and you can find them in black as well with the same diamante' details. They are priced £ 41.30 from £
Sometimes you wait for the sales to buy tha…

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