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Tartan: Check

This season as well as the animal print trend we've seen a return of checked patterns like Prince of Wales and Tartan. Especially the  second one take us back to the Punk movement at the end of the 1970s where tartan was very popular paired with leather jackets or chains. Few brands have recreated this trend inspired by the fashion shows .
This one is absolutely something new. Created by A Printed Wardrobe, the pattern sheet is available through the platform "& Special Guests" where you can find the most amazing and exclusive fashion items. But back to the skirt, this is a piece of printed fabric with instructions and they are very easy to follow, you just have to cut and sew. This tartan cigarette skirt is adorable, I've seen it worn by Louise Scott-Smith who created the brand.
These kitten heel ankle boots by Next are great. They have a side zip, 2.5 cm heel and they are perfect worn with jeans or skinny trousers. Ankle boots are very o…

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