The name it's enough like other great names in fashion. Antonello is from Sardinia,  he lives in London and makes gorgeous handbags using a sardinian tecnique  called "pibiones" where the fabric is wowen in mills giving that particular look with these "grains" creating a design. Antonello uses organic cottons and wools dyed with natural dye from Sardinia. All his fabrics are handmade and the bags are handstiched one by one giving a kind of unique feeling. Some details like vintage clasps or straw handles make his handbags all one offs.
Beautiful cotton bag with straw handles and clasp

Pochette in red and white, dyed naturally

Embroidered flowers

A selection of small shoulder bags

Multicoloured tote bag

He will be at the next London Fashion Week in February under Estethica's wing and at Paris Fashion Week.


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