Ethical fashion

It's incredible what can come out from a hose pipe or a juta sack, or a swimsuit. And ethical fashion now is very much in trend with big names coming up wioth ideas and beautiful items coveted by every fashionista.
Estethica is doing a great job sourcing these designers and group them under its wing to make them known to the fashion world.
ISSI makes gorgeous accessorizes from rubber and old and discarded hosepipes collected from fire brigades stations.

Lost Property in London producing handbags from recycled sacks

or From Somewhere transforming Speedo swimsuits in dresses

Every season something new crops up at the London Fashion Week.
Last season MaxJenny and her capes made with plastic bottle recycled, decorated with paintings made by her mother and despite being very thin can keep the cold away resisting up to -18 C. Incredible, but being from Sweden, producted in Denmark they are expert in cold weather.


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