Umberto Roma a hairdresser who loves London

Wardrobe sorted, and now it's time to wear that unique dress with a hairdo to match. The best stop in Rome is Umberto Roma, so close to Castel Sant'Angelo that he might even comb the hair of the angels on the towers. Why you should go to Umberto? Well, first of all his shop is a gem, set in an old roman palace with walls thicker than the Coliseum, also Umberto has worked for the best hairdressers in London, I will name only Regis just to let you know the quality of his work. And I'm not dropping names of salons that during his stay in London wanted him to work for.
A think not to be overlooked is the fact that Umberto speaks english, thanks to his british experience, so he will understand what you want and believe me you will be satisfied. If your budget doesn't stretch to have his hands working on your tresses you can opt for one of his stylists or for "They will be famous" boys and girls that under his supervision they will give you a great look.
While waiting for your turn ask Ilaria to tend to your nails for a complete pampering like Romans do.
The address of the salon is in Via Ennio Q. Visconti 46/48 metro "Lepanto".

The washing station with those ohh so comfy chairs.

The price list to match every pocket

O.P.I. nail varnish in all the colours of the rainbow


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