Let's adopt these new ideas

Among all the looks seen at the fashion show in Carnaby Street, I've picked up some cool ideas to adopt this winter. A rummaging in any grandmother and grandfather 's cupboard or the aunt that you seldom visit might hold some vintage treasures. Even parents'  closets might be useful and ties that are forgotten in some drawers might be put in use again. Here are some examples:

Two shirts, one short sleeved and one long-sleeved for a perfect layering in the winter. Underneath a bustier will soften this look

Two silk scarves instead of one. To go with a tank top if in a club or if there is the physique du rol, or to liven up an outfit in the office

Two ties used as a belt, in here matched with a jumpsuit, but a pair of sporty trousers or jeans is great all the same. Charity shops are  precious sources of ties.

Dungarees customized, it's up to you how. Just a few buttons or go for the whole "bib" look. It is nice also the details at the pockets. A visit to any haberdashery could bring new ideas.

It is not compulsory using tartan. A normal pashmina can do the trick as well to transform a dress.

Why ditch the summer dress in the winter, when you can  theme it up with a shirt could give you a new outfit?


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