Lucy in Disguise and a chat with Sarah Owen

Entering in the shop " Lucy in Disguise" is like entering into a magnificent walk in wardrobe owned by a family of fashion icons,  on the racks it is possible to see wonderful outfits spanning from the 20's to the 80's. The entrance  facade and windows resemble the workmanship of 1960s dress of Paco Rabanne   with huge gold sequins framing the exterior and sparkling in the sun and brightening up passers by in Lexington Street. I had a very informal chat with Sarah Owen, partner together with her sister Lily Allen of this great shop where it is possible to buy incredible pieces but also to rent them as well. Also in the shop a hairdresser can give you that vintage look to complement a flapper dress or a Hollywood glamour style, much needed  with the latest trends of themed style parties.
I've asked Sarah  until what decade does  she considered vintage and she replied that at the moment even early 90's is vintage, mainly because 80's and 90's outfits are more affordable .
In fact the vintage trend is taken up by a lot of young girls who could barely afford a Chanel jacket or a Biba's pair of trousers and the 80's is something that doesn't break the bank account.
Another question I posed was, who are the customers at Lucy in Disguise and how old are they? Sarah replied that 25 to 35  years old  is the age range of their customers, or at least the majority.
Sarah showed me few or her favourite gowns, some were very colorful or with elaborate details, the most beautiful  one was inside a glassed cupboard, so for me difficult to take a picture, and this dress was completely covered in beads with  exquisite embroidery work using mother pearls in different shapes. Below some pictures from LID and  from the catwalk:

Sarah Owen next to one of her favourite, the orange dress

Sparkling shop front

Lanvin cape by Lucy in Disguise

Vintage leather gold twin set


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