Paperself: creative eyelashes

I love Paperself and the incredible creativity behind those little paper masterpieces. The new collection is absolutely stunning, with a limited edition sold only at the Victoria & Albert Museum, Halloween themed eyelashes with spiders and webs, seaside themes with seahorses, and flowers, and peacock feathers, and butterflies. Harvey Nichols is another point of sales and their website of course.
I had them applied at London Fashion Week and they are really eye catching (no puns intended). Probably looking at them one might think that they are too big, too heavy...not at all, I've been wearing them all day, using my camera, so I was expecting to have them a bit squashed. Not at all again, sometimes I've nearly forgotten to wear them because they are not intrusive at all. Judge for yourself, they are a little beauty, a great idea for a hen night goodie bag, their packaging is very nice. Definitely a must have for the festive season coming upon us.

V&A limited edition

Spiders for Halloween

Seahorses anyone?

Another V&A Limited edition

Halloween selection, get the witch hat out of your closet.


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