Revival, vintage reproductions

Things in Carnaby Street were in full swing yesterday, and especially for Revival the word swing could not have been more appropriate. As well as lending some outfits for the show, Revival has organized a small show in the courtyard at Kingly Court with the Swing Patrol. Lively music  had accompanied these great dancers while pirouetting with boogie woogie, fox trot and other dances from the 40's and the 50's.
Revival is a fantastic shop, selling dresses and shoes that are a reproduction of the 1920s 1930s and 1940s  at the top floor in Kingly Court
Original vintage clothing of those decades are very rare and very expensive but  with a fraction of the price, at Revival is possible to recreate the atmosphere of those ages that now is coming back in fashion again. Parties, music, even food now is winking at these past times and I can understand what would it mean having an afternoon tea at the Ritz with a lovely tea dress or to dance in a prohibition party wearing a flapper dress. Shopping at Revival can make all this come true without seeing your credit card blush or receiving a phone call from your bank manager.
This is the website where you can start planning your next outfit:

The Swing Patrol

Revival, look at that lovely tea dress

Golden flapper dress just like Carol Channing in "Thoroughly Modern Millie"


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