Cinema and Fashion at the Italian Cultural Institute

I love a great party where it is possible to meet stimulating people and this is what happened to my friend Stephen Mahoney & I, when we were invited to the Italian Cultural Institute, to celebrate Italian in the film industry, participating at the BFI. This is a small account of the evening from a fashion point of view, the place oozed  with style :

This years 55th British Film Institute London Film Festival, hosted their Cinema Made In Italy party at Italian Cultural Institute. 
The night was as a veritable visual delight of fashion, from the classically elegant dress sense of the UK Italian Ambassador Giorgio Alain Maria Economides in a grey super 100 wool suit, the jacket was worn over a powder blue window pane check shirt with deeper shaded cobalt blue lines, that's lines were matched by a  same shaded silk tie, to the informal stark white t-shirt and black slim fitted trousers worn by Italian film Producer Carlo Cresto-Dina, Carlo's beautiful film "Corpo Celeste"  was shown at BFI 55th festival.
Giving the party a festival feel with tinsel woven in her hair and dangling over body conscious A line fitted, to the knee dress, was extraordinary singer Gunnlaug Thorvaldsdottir, who's Italian cinema link, was she'd sang sound track for "I Do Air" the Bafta winner of  short film 2010.

To Professor of Economic's  Mariana Mazzucato, Mariana is  known as a high academic residing in the UK and married to Italian film producer Carlo Cresto-Dina. Hence her being at the bash, but hey, this New Jersey gal's chic American look, ruled supreme, in her loose navy pinstriped single breasted jacket, that encased a scoped necked-black silk vest, paired with high waisted-wide boot legged trousers, kitten heels, and the finishing touches, a single string amber necklace and to combat inclement weather a reversible navy & tomato red wool scarf.  A contemporary story, straight out of the pages of American Vogue.

From the USA to far reaches of Hackney, forget Shoreditch, that's so passe'.  Hackney is pulling in all the new creative's and they were out in force, from Film director David Easteal, who'd aired his short film "The Father " at this years 55th festival, who was celebrating with his pals, fellow film director Edward Housden and his partner Sarah Lyngler  (a wardrobe stylist), Nicolette Carrapetta and her chum, yet another film director Ariel Kleiman.  Sarah's passion for clothes came pouring out, when Patricia Field name was mentioned, saying Patricia's choice was ground breaking moment in fashion, when she dressed the cast of Sex and The City. 

Amid all the hustle and bustle, Nanni Moretti one of the Godfathers of Italian film industry strolled in, dressed as if he'd just stepped away from shooting his next movie, in a casual get up, comprising of a button down check shirt, under a super fine black marino crew neck wool sweater and black straight legged jeans.

 All eye shifted to doorway when the modern day glamorous babe, Italian actress Nadir Caselli, a star from Italian movie "La peggior settimana della mia vita" (roughly translated)  "Worst Week of My Life" eased her way in dressed from head to toe, in Italian designer label “ La Fornarina”   Not that I thought a girl as attractive as Nadir could ever have a bad week.  And as if to confirm my suspicions, I saw her,  chit chatting, with the handsome and talented, film director Matteo Rovere, who told me, he was walking on air, after the reception his movie "Drifters" received at the BFI Festival.  And that the film will be released in January. 

Tonight was like runway show, and one that Carlo Presenti, Director of the London Italian Cultural Institute, & any Italian could be proud of." by Stephen Mahoney Fashion Editor


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