Edward Finney between tartan and Prince of Wales patterns

During London Fashion Week, the Vauxhall Fashion Scout at the Freemasons Hall had among the its designer exhibiting in this beautiful building Edward Finney.  I've been attracted by the use of classic fabrics like tartan or Prince of Wales and how they've been used to create outfits with a twist. If before when thinking of tartan the first image was the kilt in your school uniform or if  a Prince of Wales pattern was reminding you of the bank clerk at your local branch, the Spring Summer Collection by Edward Finney has changed all your perspective.
Every collection is inspired by a legendary Woman, this season we can see Alice de Janze', a woman from the 1920's living in Africa.  All Edward Finney's creations are made with fabrics produced in Great Britain and especially for his bespoke service, each model is individually hand made. With an experience with Alexander McQueen, John Galliano in Paris and at Savile Row, Edward Finney has got a  golden background, which is reflected  with the first two designers in his ideas and creativity and showing a mastery in tailoring straight from the gentlemen's tailors street.

Prince of Wales, not so classic now

Wearing tartan ready to dance "Dashing White Sergeant"

Another clan for another look

This dress is gorgeous, the floaty skirt is very romantic marched with the bustier in tartan

A Prince of Wales cape with feathers, will jazz up any outfit.


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