Bjorg the Odissey Collection 2012

I love unusual jewellery, something that is a bit different and becomes a talking point during a party or an addition to an outfit. Not necessarily it is made with precious metals like Bjorg that uses bronze plated to create stunning pieces of jewellery. Its Odissey Collection  is inspired by mythology and tales reminding me of sci - fi novels and races like elves or fairies. In its jewellery, crystals, opals, horsehair and feathers are 100% natural and earring studs are made of solid silver taking away any risk of allergies.
Just wearing a Bjorg  jewel will made you stand up from the crowd.
Horsehair double necklace "Wild Horse"

Ring " The Snake Made Me Do It" and claw ring " Howling At The Moon", cuff "After Eden"

Handpiece " After Eden", one of my favourites


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