Sparkling Jewellery with Tresor Paris

When I've met the nice people at Tresor Paris during a press week in London I've discovered  this great brand of instantly recognisable jewellery, made of spheres set with sparkling crystals, the best on the market and with precious and semi precious stones. The style is very modern and it is not pretentious. Colour is  the rule for this company and you can see from the pictures that just wearing one of their piece of jewellery lifts up any sombre mood. The bracelets are strung in a way that remind me of the Tibetan bracelets and  with the knots  I can see the spheres securely tight. Tresor Paris has got a great number of points of sale in Great Britain, the prices are very reasonable considering that semi precious and precious stones are used as well as Czech crystals which are the best for their sparkle. I genuinely fell in love with Tresor Paris jewellery, because they can be worn practically any time of the day, adding brightness at work and from there going out for an evening and be dressed up just wearing a bracelet, or a necklace over a top or pulling your hair tight and show a colourful pair of earrings.

The orange one is my favourite

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