Kyle Hopkins for unique pieces of jewellery

In my opinion every piece of jewellery should be different, because the reason for giving a piece of jewellery will always be different because of the place, the occasion, the person. And Kyle Hopkins knows this and every single piece he makes is a one off. The style might be similar, but then during the crafting and design and the choice of stones, this piece of jewellery will have something different from another piece of his collection. Kyle Hopkins production has got both simple lines or very ornate details. The prices are not out of this world, making possible to own a small and unique sculpture to wear. I think that Kyle Hopkins jewellery is a series of sculptures, just look at the double ring or the multiring, or even the necklace in the picture. They are small works of art and they can be bought at Bengt making everyone the proud owner of a piece of jewellery by this talented goldsmith and designer.


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