Mini and BMW Lifestyle.

Mini is a British iconic vehicle that has been seen in many films from the "Girl with the Gun" to Mr Bean, a loyal means of transport. The latest production sports a Union Jack roof and in fantastic colours, ranging from pillar red to bright orange. A car that hasn't changed shape since 1959 and that is loved by everyone in the world. And then we've got BMW known for its luxurious cars, a symbol of wealth.  Now both brands have made a collection of items called Mini Lifestyle and BMW Lifestyle which are sold at their dealerships and on their websites. Mini  collection is playful spin with a pop art style, while BMW retains is glamour with a series of silver accessorises. Price are great and it will be the entry point of owning something bigger from BMW or Mini. Let's start with an umbrella or a hat, after that the sky is the limit.

Bag Mini Lifestyle at £ 68

Black Umbrella Pop Art Mini Lifestyle at £34

Coloured version of the Mini Lifestyle Umbrella at £ 38

BMW Silver Edition hat at £ 30

BMW Silver Edition Muff at £ 25


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