Double Identity and the Customized Show

A mandatory stop for the next 11 days is going to be Kingly Court in Carnaby Street. Until the 11th of February the London based sneaker label Double Identity, is showing ten pairs of their sneaker customized by ten designers and illustrators. In this pop up shop in Kingly Court the ten "artworks" are displayed and it is possible to vote for one of them by scanning the code next to the sneaker with your Smartphones. In case Smartphones are not your thing, like me for example, you can go to  , "Like" the page and then clicking on "Presents" it will be possible to vote for them as well.

The voters will be put in a draw to win the sneakers, I hope to be one of them. Below you can see some of the works, but go and check them on Facebook, and don't forget to vote.

Scott Nellis and his story of Adam and Eve, one sneaker is green depicting the Garden of Eden, while the other one is purple describing a world of banishment.

Claire Duffy takes her inspiration by the God Hermes

Andy Smith and his cartoon dogs, one is happy while the other one is angry

Peter Willis tells a story of kids playing

Michelle Thompson on the left has got body builders from the 1920's in one shoe and pin ups out of a packet of playing cards. On the right Jack Hagly takes inspiration from veins, skin and bones

Pia Austin Little and her shoes covered in safety pins, giving them a punk look.


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