JHB/GI and the Collection Autumn Winter 2012/13 Pachinko

It is amazing what's happening at the Newburgh Quarter during London Fashion Week. As a part of the OFF schedule, fashion illustrator James Hamilton Butler and Georgie Ichikawa, former Head Designer at Alexander McQueen for PUMA, have introduced their new collection in a Private View held at 17 Newburgh Street. This is their second collaboration under the name JHB/GI and it is inspired by a Japanese computer game very popular among office workers. Western and Japanese culture is fused in this colourful and unique collection that brings to life the prints on its garments through an effect of light changing. This pop up space is almost a work of art thanks to the light installations by Architainment.
During London Fashion Week, until the 22nd of February will be possible for the public to visit the space, an exceptional event given that it will be showed the collection for next year and usually it is something reserved only for press and buyers.
The spectacular background of every piece matches the prints on the garments giving the impression that the walls are coming to life.
The fabrics are luscious, soft to the touch, merino wool and viscose and the palette is made of very bright colours like coral, blue, black, the latter especially for the menswear line which is more subtle than the women counterpart but still retaining the graphic prints and bold colours, only mixed with black and coal. The collection will be available to buy only in Autumn, but it is possible to check the current collection at Harrods at the 3939 boutique in East London, at the Old Curiosity Shop in Aldwich and online at http://www.jhb-gi.com/ .
Georgie Ichikawa and James Hamilton Butler


  1. Hi Chris- it was great to meet you at Clements Ribeiro yesterday!

    Hope you enjoyed the rest of your LFW day.

    Sophie x


  2. Lighting installation was designed by GNI Projects, and supplied by Architainment. Please visit www.gni-projects.com or add us on Twitter.


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