Ivana Basilotta show at the Home House Club

I've known Ivana Basilotta for a while and I've always liked her dresses and her philosophy. Ivana is an ethical designer who uses peace silk for her collections where the silkworms are not harmed during the process of sourcing the silk from the cocoons and they are left alive to live their full life cycle. Also Ivana uses small manufacturers and suppliers and she works with local artisans to create her beautiful clothing.

Ivana Basilotta has got a great following among conscious fashionistas who want to be ethical with their purchases and celebrities like Livia Firth and Claudia Schiffer have been seen wearing Ivana's creations.

For her latest collection Ivana has introduced her dresses during an evening at the Home House Club in Portman Square, where she collaborated with Rokpa,  a global humanitarian organisation involved in hundreds of projects and runs a children's orphanage in Nepal.

During the evening a raffle and an auction has been taken place together with a special sales of Ivana Basilotta outfits where all the profits went to Rokpa.
Debut catwalk for model Shannan Kirby in this pretty purple silk dress.

Sorbet colour for this mini dress which could be worn with a pair of trousers as well for a different look.

Silk dress in lavender and purple colour, a beautiful embroidery on the front and black straps

A mini dress in teal colour

Look at  the beautiful embroidery on the front of this dress.


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