Bagllerina Shoes by Natkin Paris

 High heels are beautiful, they make look our legs longer and thin but after an evening perched on stilettos, the first thing that comes to mind is running home and take them off in order to give those tortured feet a bit of relief. Bagllerina has thought about us and launched its collection of folding pumps that can find a place in our evening bag or in the pocket of our coat.
The collection comes in several colours, all the shoes have got a leather pouch where to store them. The sole is in leather and it is cut out in the middle so the folding won't ruin it. This very sophisticated Parisian lady, Christine Natkin has come up with this brilliant idea to ease our busy lives. Us and especially our feet will be grateful forever.

This new collection is adorable with these pastel colours. The shoes are all handmade in soft leather and as well as bright colours there are more muted shades like black or tan or white. Varnish and leather, or satin and even lycra have been added to the several lines of the collection.
Seeing a woman walking in trainers in the underground at peak hour and wearing a suit will be something of the past, because now Bagllerina can be worn to go to the office and there slip in high heel shoes for a new working day, frankly a pouch with Bagllerina shoes takes less space in a bag than a pair of bulky trainers.
Keep an eye for the latest collection Bagllerina Ethnique. The beaded jewellery on the pouch and the beaded strand around the shoe are created by workers in the town of Houtbay in South Africa. For every pair of Bagllerina bought from this collection , 2 euros will be donated to Houtbay in order to buy school supplies.
I dare say that this is going to be THE gift in everyone 's wish list for Christmas, birthdays or whatever, but these shoes are going to be inside every woman's bag from now on.


  1. 私にで言ってbottega 財布!価格は比較的高めのボッテガヴェネタ 財布社交ネットワークは同様に斬新なホームページの重要な1の隅で、Bottegaのため鞄はおしゃれに買い物してまっすぐに友の分かち合いの経験と価値があることです!!


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