Arts University College Bournemouth Graduate Fashion Show

I'm writing about another Graduate Fashion Show, just to prepare everyone for the many shows in September during London Fashion Week. And in here we are talking Graduate Fashion Week where many of the now big names in the fashion industry moved their first steps. This time it is about the Arts University College of Bournemouth where the students put up an incredible show.
Ke Li mixes West and East bringing symbols from China like this jumper with the image of Mao and matching this look with Dr Martins ' boots. In this collection, we've got military style coats and red is very present, in a tie, in a print.

Ellis Currie has been nominated for the Mulberry Accessories Award thanks to the jewellery, huge and made with matching fabric from the collection, the award went to somebody else but it is still a big step to be chosen among all the students. The collection has got a bright palette of blues and yellows with a hippy feeling.
Harry Smith sent on the catwalk a real pro, model Valerie Pain, who started her career in the 1960s is still strutting her stuff  and surely giving some tips to the younger generations. This collection is something that it could be in shops for the next season. It is very wearable, and despite being a menswear collection it can be worn by a woman and being fabulous as well. Black is the dominant colour for jumpers, trousers and jackets.


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