Nottingham Trent University Graduate Fashion Show

In just a bit more than a month London Fashion Week will kick in, so while waiting for the designers to unveil their latest collection for the season Spring Summer 2013 let's have a look at another University, whose graduate students are trying to make their mark on the fashion industry. This time Nottingham Trent University is on stage at Graduate Fashion Week.
Dae Byn Lee sent on the catwalk a collection with bright colours and floral prints. The judges picked this collection for the Textile Award but sadly Dae Byn Lee did not take the gong home. Still been recognised and chosen it is already a fantastic achievement.
Gemma Hayter had a very bright and tailored collection. The pieces were wearable and the bright colours were matched with nude tones. The lines are minimalist but with details like a dress with pocket which is a God send.

Holly Marke designed a collection of fine knitwear in natural colours. The palette contained ivory, sand, ecru' with details like cut outs or loose weave that give a twist to the outfit.
Lily Mason collection takes inspiration by the secretary/librarian  look. Tartan, tweeds brogues and spectacles gives a vintage feeling to this line which I would wear in a jiffy. It looks warm, comfortable and stylish.

Tamsin Lakhani collection of knitwear has got reminiscence of the first Missoni's during the 1970s. The colours and the patterns bring back memories of a style that never died and the mixing of patterns take the collection in the next Century. I love it.


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