Asda Launches its Halloween Range

Why not organising a Halloween Party this year instead of  going out ? It is not just children who enjoy this celebration, adults as well have got an opportunity to let hair down and dress up in scary outfits. To launch a new range of Halloween party items, Asda took the press to a Ghost Tour in a black routemaster whose decorator has been probably Morticia Adams. We've travelled through the scariest parts of the City of London where gruesome facts happened in the past, everything duly reported by our very pale guide amid interferences from a very weird health and safety inspector.

After our tour we've been taken to the Stone Pub in Cannon Street completely decorated with ghosts, bats, pumpkins, skulls and everything related to Halloween. Obviously the music on the background could have been only from " The Rocky Horror Picture Show".
A sexy witch is only one of a few costumes for adults in the Asda range, children have got a wide choice where toddlers as well have got tiny pretty jumpsuits in orange with scary faces printed on it.  Hats, make up and several props were on show in order to complete any outfit in the best way possible.

Tricks or treats? a huge selection of confectionery will be in store from the 1st of October in order to be ready when a little ghost or a little Dracula is going to knock on our doors. A chocolate skull full of white chocolate balls is one of the delicious treats sold during Halloween month. Or a huge black and orange lollipop and sour snakes among all the yummy sweets you will find in the aisles.

A party is not a party without cakes and this selection is dedicated to Halloween  like the Bloodcurdling Eyeball Cake, doughnuts glazed with an orange icing and small bats, coconut balls that looks like eyeballs really and gingerbread ghouls biscuits and other creepy but delicious treats.
My friend and I could not resist having applied these huge fake eyelashes. My friend's are green and very bright, mine are like spider legs, black and gold, long and curly. Check the fake nails with spiderwebs on it, they are great. Be ready to fill up your trolley at Asda from the 1st of October with the most fantastic and scary Halloween range ever.


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