River Island launches Life Of Tailor

If from next month you are in River Island and you are in the men's department you haven't been transported to Savile Row. River Island launched its new menswear line called " Life Of Tailor". Formal wear is the focus of this collection but it is revisited with a twist. From the outside the suits are classic with timeless colours and patterns but the lining has got fantastic details.
This double breasted suit is one of those classic pieces that should be in every man's closet. Here it is jazzed up with a stripy shirt and a bright silk tie in a paisley print.
This three pieces suit is another staple in a man 's wardrobe. The style and the colour are something that will never be outdated. All the jackets are lined inside with beautiful silky and patterned fabrics. Men are starting to appreciate an attention to details even if is hidden by everyone else. They know that they are there.

This pinstriped ensemble is made less formal matching a monochrome shirt. The cloths are sourced in Italy and the collection has got a selection of outerwear, classic pieces that stay forever. River Island in order to launch this collection hosted an evening with a vintage twist.

The Hospital Club at 24 Endell Street WC2H 9HQ in Covent Garden has been chosen as the venue serving delicious cocktails and yummy canapes.
Murdock London was on site with its sophisticated and luxurious grooming products. The Shave Collection comprised of shave cream, balms oils, and all the accessorises for a proper shave. The Cologne Collection  had a selection of scents, classic and at the same time modern. To add the final touch a shoe shine chair was displayed in the screening room. www.murdocklondon.com
With shoes like this a proper shoe polishing is due. Look the inside with the patterned insole. I find it so beautiful, like a small hidden gem.

After great formal wear something a bit casual with this great cardigan which has got a touch of smartness thanks to the bow tie. Notice the details of the pocket which is light grey on the inside.

The evening ended in style with a screening of the original "Ocean Eleven" with The Rat Pack aka Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis Jr, Dean Martin and the rest of them, tailored to an inch of their lives.


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