Eleni Gagoushi Private View

Some of my readers might marvel at the fact that I'm writing about an artist, but Eleni Gagoushi 's paintings could be fantastic prints for a scarf or a dress. I would wear it. Eleni 's choice of colours are so bright and vibrant and I love her Angels. It is a rainbow of colours and just have one of her paintings in a room is an injection  of  life.
Eleni is at her latest exhibition with TV presenter Carrie Grant, posing close to a very bright orange Angel and matching perfectly Eleni's gown. Carrie Grant is one of the many celebrities who love Eleni Gagoushi's works. Names include Paul Weller,  members of the Iron Maiden, Paul Young and more.

This painting is just an example of the beautiful works by Eleni Gagoushi. This is part of  four paintings depicting the four seasons. All her works have got a unique dreamlike style and I've been pleased to see her collection at the Gallery 286 in Earl's Court Road. waiting eagerly for the next one.


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