Dr Martens Store in Carnaby Street

I own a couple of pairs of Dr Martens boots and I live in them a great part of the year. So when I knew that a new flagship shop was going to be open in Carnaby Street I had to be there to witness the event of my favourite brand. Dr Martens are mainly still made in England and the models have been the same for 50 year while playing with creativity using colours, printed leather, collaborations with names like Liberty and venturing with a more feminine look only in the past few years.
At the opening of the Dr Martens store at 48 Carnaby Street I've walked between two floors of gorgeous shoes, from the classic boot with its shape unchanged since the 1960s to the new models with satin ribbons for a softer look, bright colours and customised ones. The Anthony Boot with its Stewart tartan dress has been the first thing seen entering the shop.

These bright 1461 models are fantastic. I love the patent effect on the leather and the choice of colours. With the British unpredictable weather the soles will protect our feet while being stylish. I've add the purple one to my long wish list. During the launch of the shop we've been listening to cool music spinned by DJ Jack Claver.
The Cassidy Boot has got the classic shape with high shine black print. As well as the classic colours black and cherry we have got a purple version. Dr Martens has got a strong link with the music scene and it started supporting " Strummerville" the Joe Strummer New Music Foundation www.strummerville.com 
The Made In England (M.I.E.)3989  and the Percy Shoes are handcrafted at the original factory in Northamptonshire using cloth made by the Scottish manufacturer Lochcarron of Scotland. These models are made using the Gordon  Clan tartan dress. During the evening of the opening the band The Supernovas  played a set of their music in front of  the many guests from the fashion and press industry.
The same models in tartan have been made using Harris Tweed. I've taken many pictures and the choice has been very hard because I would have wanted to publish them all. So given that I could not put more than 60 pictures the best option is to go to the new shop at 48 Carnaby Street and see for yourself the great selection of models in offer as well as holdhalls, satchel bags and a line of clothing.

These Dr Martens Heels are very sexy, on the top shelf we've got the Nevena Shoes while the bottom shelf has on display the Ofira Shoes and the Raina Sandals. These and other very feminine models can be found at the shop for a rock chick look.
Beckett Boots and Percy Shoes in Harris Tweed  on display next to this beautiful satchel in Harris Tweed. On two floors the Dr Martens store in Carnaby Street can display its products in a fantastic way, with space for everyone to browse and sofas and stools perfect for trying on as many boots and shoes you like.
Dr Martens, a brand that always has had a connection with music, could not leave all its customers without a proper wellington boot in order to be comfortable and with feet protected during a Music Festival. Based on the original models and made with soft rubber in bright colours as well as the classic ones, the Shower and the Drench boots have laces so they won't slip away even during a mud fight.
The Dr Martens Union Jack Boots are a beauty. Tough and patriotic at the same time. Music bands of all genres from rock to punk, to metal to indie have been wearing Dr Martens forever, because they are durable, comfortable and they've never out of fashion.
Another explosion of colours with the 1460 Boots models  in patent leather. Honestly I would have buy them all and just match the colours to any outfit I own. Luckily a Dr Martens boots can be worn with jeans for a casual look or glam it up with a skirt or even a floaty dress like model Agyness Deyn who created a line of clothing for the brand and she has always been seen wearing boots with almost any look.
I could not resist and I've used the Photobooth at the Dr Martens store in Carnaby Street. There is a competition where uploading a picture while wearing a pair of Dr Martens can give you the option to win a pair of shoes at " Share Your Style". Check on the website for more information www.drmartens.com


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