Lie Down I Think I Love You Bags

We've never got enough handbags and when there is a possibility to own a handbag which is unique in some way it is like finding a gold mine. This is what happened when I've met Emily  and Lisa from " Lie Down I Think I Love You". Tucked in a lovely street close to Angel in Islington, at 33 Amwell Street EC1R 1UR, this great shop stocks an incredible range of handbags and purses in leather, all made in London and with the characteristic of matching  every handbag with a vintage scarf or a powder compact. The effect is stunning because there are not two similar bags. Even if the models is the same, the choice of the scarf or the powder compact make them different.
This Pouf Tote bag is made with the softest leather in several colours. The choice a part from mauve that you can see in this picture are black, amber and patchwork. The scarves come all different with always some colour matching the leather. I could not resist and this very bag is now mine. Inside is very roomy with an internal pocket, a hook to make it smaller and a magnet to close it properly. I've put everything in this bag and it never let me down. The wide shoulder straps are comfortable and they balance the weight when it is very full.
This model is called Baby Bubble Pop, it looks more like a vintage purse and it is customised with a vintage scarf. The leather is chosen among the best available and here as well the selection of colours is great. The model can be in shiny leather or patent as well as the Pouf Tote.

This holdall is the Tempest Travel Bag in patent leather. Available in four colours and  decorated with a vintage scarf, this bag is perfect for a week end away where just a spare lingerie set, make up bag (by the way why not match this holdall with one of the delicious "Lie Down I Think I Love You" make up bag?) and toothbrush will be needed.
This is the Gipsy Princess Mini in leather, horse body hair and a vintage powder compact on the front. These are just some of the bags available both online and at the store. The choice is endless, with models and prints and colours plus the variety of the scarves and the powder compacts matched to all the items. A selection of vintage scarves are on display and they can be bought separately. Printed Italian leather shoes are part of the stock in a choice of ballet slippers or jazz style laced up with rubber sole in a selection of colours.


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