Bill Skinner Jewellery

I love a piece of jewellery that can be unusual and I love the use of semiprecious stones, especially if they are not the usual semi precious stones that we see everywhere. A piece of jewellery has to be worn with ease, without being conscious of its value. Sometimes a piece of jewellery could be not very expensive but still being the most precious object in the world. In a few words a piece of jewellery should have a soul. This is what happened when I've seen Bill Skinner collection.
My favourite gemstone is the Labradorite which is not very used in jewellery, even if recently I have been seeing some jewellery designers using this stone. I was drawn at Bill Skinner counter when I've seen this gorgeous necklace with a buffalo centrepiece which is hand carved and the string of briolette cut labradorites.
These oak and acorn earrings are a beauty adorned with  Swarovski pearls. All the items are made in Great Britain, which is refreshing given that the major part of manufacturers closed down in UK to reopen in the Far East with a consequence of job losses. Goldsmithing is one of the oldest craft in the world and we should support our craftsmen who bravely still produce jewellery in Great Britain.
This black onyx bracelet  is a piece of art with the two tigers' heads. The same model is available in dark blue agate as well.
For Valentine's Day Bill Skinner collection has got a range of items with cherubs theme. Here this sweet cherub ring is a little sculpture and cherubs adorn necklaces and earrings and bangles as well. Really spoilt for choice.
Great vintage look for this honeycomb and bee bangle. I think it is such a clever piece, one of those that will never be out of fashion. From the same line pendants and rings are available. Check the website for more designs and maybe to leave some hints around


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