GS Shop Global Fashion Collection at the Korean Cultural Centre

I had a great afternoon filled with fashion for the GS Shop Global Fashion Collection held at the Korean Cultural Centre. A fashion show just to get everyone ready for the big kermesse in the next few weeks with London Fashion Week looming. Four brands hit the catwalk: Alette by Lee Seung Hee, Xess Homme, A By Jae by Kim Jae Hwan and Cadet_H by Han Sang Hyuk.
This great outfit is by Alette, the brand behind the designer Lee Seung Hee. The graphic cut and the monochrome palette is teamed up with beautiful teal colour suede boots. I like the bi colour coat in brown and black. The palette for this collection comprises cobalt blue, burgundy, grey, ivory, sky blue and the fabrics used like cashmere, wool, jersey and silk are of the highest quality. The collection is very wearable.
Menswear for Xess Homme, a brand that has been on the market since 1998. The look is very relaxed with slim fit cuts and a palette of navy, grey and brown. Layering is a must in this collection  with shirts over shirts and over coats. A collection for a busy man who wants to stay stylish and comfortable at the same time.
The collection A By Jae by Kim Jae Hwan has got a very tailored cut with a twist. Great fabrics like cashmere, wool and knit in bright red, blue, orange as well as black, grey and ivory. The two tones jackets and coat are very interesting, like the jumpers that hug the body giving a fantastic figure.
Cadet_H by Han Sang Hyuk is a menswear brand where it is possible to have casual and formal garments all with something new. The dinner jacket sports at the back a long silver zip, while a khaki jacket has got a long zip at the back but it is not visible unless you pay attention at the bottom of it. The overcoat like this red parka looks warm and practical with lots of pockets. Wool and cotton are used for this collection and main colours are navy, grey and khaki with the sudden splash of red or orange.

All in all it has been a fashion show where all the collection were perfect for a buyer's order, with the certainty that all the garments would have been best sellers.


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