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The Penthouse of One Leicester Square was bubbling with laughter, squeals of delight and music when I've arrived for the So...? Girls Night Out hosted by Bloggers Love. A late afternoon rolled into the early evening where delicious cocktails and yummy So...? branded cupcakes where on offer as well as hairstylists styling the guests and nail technicians giving  fantastic manicures and nail looks. The occasion? But the launch of the new fragrance So...?Sexy and the new range of  the So...?Dry Shampoo.
During the event I've been "sniffing" fragrances from one table to the another trying to decide which one was my favourite. So...? fragrances are so many and all with something that appeal me that it was quite difficult to make up my mind before putting my favourite one on the card for a raffle. Unluckily I did not win but at the end of the night I 've found in my goodie bag two of the other favourites fragrances I've discovered during the event.
Here the hairstylists have been creating looks using this So..?Dry Shampoo which is great. I've sat at the hairstylist chair where I had a wavy do and this Dry Shampoo has been used to give texture without leaving white powder on the hair, a thing that generally dry shampoos do and we always have to be careful to brush it all off before leaving the house. The So...? Dry Shampoo is invisible and it smells great and it helps to create hairstyles  easily.
Really this Dry Shampoo has been a discovery and now that I know where it's been sold I will use it not just for an emergency wash but for styling too. look at the fabulous cupcakes, they are from Earl of Cakes.
Some TV people came along for the event, here at the branding board Abigail Clarke and Jasmine Waido from TOWIE are being interviewed holding their favourite fragrances. And also present at the event Alisha White, star of Britain's Next Top Model, X Factor Kitty Brucknall and model Dannika Daisy.
The So...? Fragrances are sold in Boots, Superdrug and supermarkets nationwide. There are 14 fragrances from spicy to sweet, to fresh and flowery, everyone according to a theme and a mood. So..? Sexy, or So...? Enticing, or what about feeling So...? Fab? Check them all at

some of the pictures courtesy of So...?Fragrances


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