The Spitalfields Candle Company

I love candles and my flat has got candles scattered in all the rooms. Fashion houses are producing candles using their fragrances and they just complement the atmosphere in a living space. I don't use candles only for romantic occasions or dinner with friends. When at my computer working on an article or else I like to lit up a candle and be surrounded by the lovely fragrance chosen for that moment. And here comes The Spitalfields Candle Company.
The Spitalfields Candle Company makes candles using an eco soy wax and the finest essential oils, when possible organic oils extracted from locally sourced plants and herbs. The soy wax is naturally sourced and the absence of paraffin it is just another pro fact for these beautiful candles.
The Spitalfields Candle Company produces two different sizes of their products, a small votive candle of 65 grams that burns for 12 hours and it costs £ 9.99  and the large votive candle of 200 grams that burns for 50 hours priced at £ 25.00. The candles are hand poured and everything is made in London. In the next couple of weeks will be possible to buy the candles at Heal's .
The fragrances are delicious, I wouldn't know what to buy, maybe more than one, in different fragrances to match the spaces in my flat. For example their Rosemary & Thyme candle would be perfect in the kitchen, while Lavender & Chamomile and Vetyver & Lavender in the bedroom for the calming quality of the lavender. Lemon Verbena and Grapefruit, Bergamot & Lime in the bathroom while having and indulgent bath  or in the home office to give you energy, while the dining room would be perfect with Ylang Ylang & Patchouli or the Rose Geranium candle depending if a romantic dinner is involved or a dinner with friends. And when Christmas arrives lit up Orange & Clove or  Frankincense & Juniper. Check the website for more at


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