Monday, 28 October 2013

Soisire Soiebleu by Blackboard Shoes

I love trainers and generally flat shoes because with my hectic life, walking in high heels all day long will give me an excruciating pain. I confine my high heels moments when I know that I don't have to churn many miles. This is the reason why I always look at flats with style and when at Scoop International I've found Soisire Soiebleu, this Italian brand, I've just fell in love with it.
This beauty comes from the Daisy collection, a line of One Off pieces. Every single pair of shoes has been made using vintage scarves sourced in markets all over the world. Every pair of shoes comes with a certificate that attests the uniqueness of it.
This model comes from the Lome collection. Here the prints on the scarves have been transferred to leather and for each model there are a limited edition of only 977 pairs. The Lome collection comprises of 21 models and the number is inside the shoes and in a certificate that comes in the box.
The Magik collection has used a special craftsmanship on the leather in order to give a special effect on the shoes when exposed to the sun. By magic colour and pattern change. This collection has got only two models and they are both limited edition of 977 pairs with the number inside the shoe and a certificate in the box.
From the Daff collection we've got these shoes made in a Wingtip style. The pattern of the vintage scarves is printed onto leather and they are hand made. There are nine patterns for this collection and all of them are limited edition of only 977 pairs made. Certificate and number of the shoes are found in the box and printed on the inside of the shoes.
Suva is a biker boot with leather printed and that rock and roll look. Eleven different patterns for these hand made boots. All the shoes by Soisire  Soiebleu are made in Italy. The Suva biker boots are not a limited edition but still are so unique that I wouldn't be surprised to be stopped in the street answering questions about them. To know more about this exciting brand check for information about stockists and all the patterns available.

Monday, 14 October 2013

The Perfume Shop for Christmas

When we know what perfume is on top of the list for our beloved ones it is so easy. And one stop for all these gifts must be The Perfume Shop only. In here you can find anything related to the best fragrances on the market and some exclusive as well. Visiting a Perfume Shop is an olfactory experience and as usual you will end up buying something for you as well. Most of the Christmas shopping will be sorted and at The Perfume Shop you've got a free gift wrapping service in store.
I love this advent calendar, this decoration has been made especially for the Press day where The Perfume Shop introduced new fragrances and celebrated some that have been around for 21 years, the same time that The Perfume Shop started trading. Pick up a reward card at the store and for every £ 1.00 spent in store or online you can collect points for vouchers. is available to The Perfume Shop customers, and this is a service that really works(we've tested it). Let's say that while in the office you receive a very short notice birthday invitation and you can't leave your desk. You go to The Perfume Shop website, you choose something, you enter the postcode of your office to see if Shutl delivers in that area, choose the delivery time and you might receive your item at your desk in less than 90 minutes. This is a service that solves so many last minute invitations. Check at 
This is the second Hugo Boss for Women fragrance " Jour" after the success of "Nuit". For 15 years Hugo Boss has been the men's fragrance at the top of the list. 70 millions bottles sold and still counting are witnesses for this brand. " Jour" 's ambassador is star Gwyneth Paltrow and she is the perfect "voice" for this new fragrance that like her is very sophisticated from the bottle, slim and sleek to the body of the fragrance with citrus and sweet notes.
Angel by Thierry Mugler is my favourite perfume, I've been using it since when it came out in 1992. I've used other scents as well but Angel is "my" perfume and I'm using it for special occasions paired with shower gel and body cream. Look out for the gift set boxes at The Perfume Shop. If you are not sure what kind of fragrance a friend or relative might like I would suggest the Vivabox. It contains 7 vials of  perfumes like Ghost, Flash by Jimmy Choo, Boss Orange, Paco Rabanne and others. Also it containes a voucher that can be redeem in store only for a full size bottle of one of the 7 fragrances. The same Vivabox is available for men with a choice of Boss Orange, Paco rabanne, James Bond 007, Jean Paul Gaultier and more.
James Bond 007 is a new scent for men launched in 2012 for the 50th Anniversary of the first James Bond film. I wouldn't be surprised if a Bond girl is going to use it as well because the fragrance is very pleasant and not at all strong. After all James Bond is a suave chap and he wouldn't dream of using a tough scent. I love the bottle, it looks like one of Q's gadgets. For women let's choose a Gucci perfume instead. I always support charities and this year Gucci is sponsoring "Chime For Change" to raise funds and awareness for the empowerment of girls and women all over the world, and through The Perfume Shop from October, for selected Gucci fragrance bottle of 50ml or above bought in store or online, £ 2.00 will be given to "Chime For Change".
Go to the to start shopping.

Bushra Fakhoury Unveils Park Lane Sculpture

Bushra Fakhoury is a well known artist and I had the pleasure to be invited to unveiling of her latest work that is going to be in Park Lane just opposite the Hilton. Westminster City Council with its project of installing sculptures from famous artists along Park lane and other spots in the area has achieved the task of sharing with everyone in London these great works of art. Lorenzo Quinn, son of the Hollywood star Anthony Quinn, another great artist  had in the past exhibited his works in Park Lane. This time with " Dunamis" we've got a very inspiring work.
This sculpture symbolises the human struggle to achieve excellence, pushing boundaries to make the impossible become possible. I could say that this work is dedicated to all of us in our everyday struggle at work and in our lives. Bushra Fakhoury has worked in Liverpool to create " Dunamis" making it 9 metres high. Next time you are on the bus in Park Lane look for it it is not possible to miss it because it is an excellent position.
This picture has been taken before the unveiling and here Ms Fakhoury is explaining the meaning of "Dunamis". Working alongside the charity " Tusk", Bushra will give 10% of the sale cost to the charity that funds conservation, community development and environmental education programmes across Africa. I've been enchanted by Bushra Fakhoury's works so I will go to the Cork Street Gallery from the 11th to the 17th of November for an exhibition of her sculptures.

Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Zatchels Bags

Zatchels is the British company that put the satchel bag in the spotlight. This leather accessory, once relegated to the school environment it is now present at front rows during London Fashion Week and all the coolest bloggers and journalists and stylist carry one  because it can hold everything needed during our busy days. Zatchels has designed several collections so there is a bag right for anyone taste.
Made in Leicester these bags have got so many designs that even owning more than one it will always look like you've got different bags. The beauty of Zatchels is that online some models can be customised so if you want to add the handle or a shoulder strap or the initials, these are just few examples of what they can do. The Union Jack Collection starts from £ 119.00 up to £140.00.
For this season Zatchels has been working with fashion designer Jacky Tsai who designed the iconic flower skull for Alexander McQueen. Jacky Tsai has merged Western and eastern cultures and he created the designs for some limited edition satchels and saddle bags at Zatchels. Look at those two examples in the pictures. The print on leather is magnificent, it is a very difficult process but at Zatchels they manage to transfer Tsai's designs, originally thought for silk and cotton garments on to leather without loosing the colours and the vibrancy.

In this vintage cupboard the Petrol Print and the Virus Print are on display. The Skull Print is available as well in both satchel and saddle bag and the prices for these small works of art are between £ 165.00 and £180.00 for the satchel bag and £ 85.00 for the saddle bag. My love for colours makes the Petrol Print my favourite because loving orange and purple, I can find these hues in this print. For a more Gothic look the Skull print is perfect in black and grey/silver. These beauties will be available in late October.
The Kaleidoscope  Collection is fabulous. Comprising a barrel bag, a saddle bag and the satchel, the bright colours will help you to stand out in these gloomy and rainy days when winter will hit our shores. The barrel bag is priced at £ 50.00, the saddle bag costs £ 65.00 and the satchel goes from £ 114.00 to £ 140.00 depending on the size.

The Zatchels Quilted Collection will appeal somebody who wants a practical bag but who is not ready to dare with colours and bold prints. Available in black and white the price is very reasonable from £ 135.00  depending on the size of the satchel. If vegan and so against leather goods, Zatchels has thought of a Vegetarian Collection made with sourced leather alternative in dark olive, tan and brown colours for who is coherent with a lifestyle choice but want something fashionable. Prices start from £ 119.00.
The Gothic Lace Collection is in trend with this winter look. From the lovely barrel bag at £ 50.00, £ 65.00 for the saddle bag and from £ 119.00 for the satchel bag in a choice of sizes and customisation, this collection will see you through the cold months always as stylish as ever.

I will ending now with these lovely Pastel Duffel Bag Collection made with soft leather in three great colours: pastel turquoise, coral and yellow. The price is great as well at £ 145.00, the perfect bag for a day out, a week end break visiting museums and why not a bag for the season sales when you need your hands free in order to carry shopping bags. Check more designs and collections at and be tempted.

Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Cath Kidston Ready for Christmas

I am sure that in every house there is at least something by Cath Kidston, it could be one of the several oil cloth items like a make up bag, handbag, or stationery, or maybe  some for the little ones and all those essentials that we need in our bags to store phones, or glasses or travel cards and so on. This little speech takes us back to one of the best shops with a Christmas list on our hands. Honestly there is something for everyone. Better to start now and look for presents so that it won't be a rush at the last minute with shops full of people and stressed out sales persons.
Horses are a British tradition and for the winter season Cath Kidston has dedicated a whole collection  to the noble equines. This bag is great, made in oil cloth so waterproof. The print is very vintage, like those old prints you could find in a village B&B in some Agatha Christie's novel. As well as bags I've seen some lovely scarves and one of the girls at the press day was wearing a skirt with this pattern.
For the friend who moved  in her own flat or a new couple or for any relative who loves spending time in the kitchen producing fabulous meals, anything from this range will make them smile. The rolling pin is so sweet and I love the spatula for icing cakes and mix ingredients in one of those great bowls.
More and more I see people on the public transport knitting away and lots of knitting groups sprung up where they organise a meeting in some coffee shops and among a cup of tea and a biscuit, wools and cottons become garments. So for someone who has got this relaxing hobby, a knitting bag like this is a must. It is going to be a very original gift that will please people from 6 to 100 years old.
A set for tea is one of those things that not many people think of when buying Christmas gifts but it is one of those presents that really are a winner. Very few people buy nice crockery for themselves and we end up drinking our drinks in chipped mugs or stained tea cups, so receiving something like this, obviously for someone who is known to be a connoisseur, will ensure that it will be one of the few gifts that will be used all year round.

Let's hope we are not going to suffer another winter like the one we had previously because it is going to be hard. One thing I hate is to feel the cold when in bed. With this hot water bottle with cover at least those winter nights will be fine. The hot water last till the morning with the cover (I am an expert on these items) and there is not risk to be burned when it is freshly filled. The penguins add a little funny touch. This is a perfect gift for who is flying home for Christmas, because it is light, flat so great to store in a suitcase. And a hot water bottle is not useful only when it is cold, even when we are not feeling well it is a nice object to hug.
A present for the last minute or for somebody who surprised you with an unexpected gift? The Christmas mug is perfect. After all who doesn't drink tea, or coffee or hot chocolate at home? A nice mug is always a lovely present, a stocking filler and great for all the ages. This one comes with a lovely box that can be used to store all the bits and bobs around the house. Check for more ideas and to fill your Christmas list at