E.Marinella a Gem in Mayfair

I must admit, when I've been to the shop E.Marinella at 54 Maddox Street London W1S 1AY I've felt a twinge of envy, because the shop caters mostly for men. Established nearly 100 years ago, next years it will be the 100th anniversary, E.Marinella has been the shop where all the men in Naples went to buy their essentials like shirts, ties, cuff links, opened in one of the smartest piazza in the city. The shop in London hasn't been opened for long, just few years but the brand has been known to many British customers who were flying to Naples for the day just to stock up on E.Marinella products.
The shop is tiny, maybe to reflect the size of the original shop in Naples and it is a treasure chest of the best ties in the world which are all one off pieces. Every square of silk is folded seven times to give consistence and they are all hand made. A machine couldn't do such a refined job. Attention to details is everything and owning a tie by E.Marinella is a status renowned around the world.
When the shop opened in 1914 in Naples it was a small corner of England because the whole style of the shop reflected the look of an English shop. At the shop in Maddox Street as well as ties which are the main "attraction" , a selection of items are sold and I believe that during this period it would be quite a good fit to go and shop there because there are quite a few gift ideas for someone who appreciates quality and the prices are not bad either.
These cuff links are gorgeous and they are made using the silk of the ties. If somebody is lucky enough to find the tie, which we don't have to forget is a one off, and it can be matched with a pair of cuff links I think it would look great and the receiver of the gift would be immensely pleased. If I have to add something, I think that these cuff links would look great on a woman'  shirt as well.
E.Marinella has got something for the ladies as well like these gorgeous handbags. Naples is famous for its leather craftsmanship and these are just an example in models and colours of what can be found at E.Marinella shop. The leather is soft and available in many colours.
These scarves have got beautiful colours and prints, the wool is so soft at the touch and so light without losing the warmth factor. During Christmas time in Naples the shop sells 1000 ties a day with queues as long as you can imagine. The owner steps outside of the shop offering espresso and a "sfogliatella" a typical pastry from Naples, in order to make the wait pleasant.
I love these wallets, the colours are bright and colourful as well as some in a more classic shade. Going to E.Marinella shop is a visit that shouldn't be missed for the many items sold. Many V.I.P. own something by E.Marinella from heads of countries, noble families around the world, intellectuals and in the circle of finance and politics. Despite been offered to sell the brand to big groups, the family has always refused in order to keep a small piece of Neapolitan history where generations of Marinella family has always worked giving a high quality product. Check the website at www.marinellanapoli.it  its story is fascinating.


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