Restaurant Ballaro'

After all the press days I went to and evening events I can't miss, a compulsory stop has been at the only  gourmet Sicilian restaurant Ballaro'  at 154 Haverstock Hill NW3 2AY in Belsize Park. I love the interior decor, bright and light with pistachio green upholstery, after all pistachio is one of Sicily produce and a star in many of Sicilian recipes. Opened by former head chef at Novikov Carmelo Carnevale, this little gem has got a fantastic menu that changes almost weekly and depending on what it is in season.
This picture has been taken during the opening of the restaurant. I love the collage of pictures on the wall, all taken at the famous Palermo's market Ballaro' (hence the name) and with the caricature made by Spitting Image artist Mark Reeve of Carmelo and his associate Massimo Pascale. The food is delicious, all Sicilian traditional recipes with a twist. I loved the red wine marinated boiled eggs with pecorino cheese, almonds and bitter chocolate from Modica. And the orange salad with king prawns and rings of red onions, just the right side of spicy to counteract the sweetness of the orange segments.
Well I would carry on describing everything I've tasted but it is impossible. You have to go and see for yourself. Check the website to discover the magic of Sicily and to book a table. Set menu lunch has got so much to offer, you will be amazed. 

(photo courtesy of Sara Spina)


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