Debenhams Beauty Gifts

In 24 days is Christmas, I know I don't need to remind you of this deadline because everywhere there are enough hints already. If still you've got all the Christmas shopping to sort out don't worry, a visit to Debenhams will help you in crossing off most of your gift list.
Debenhams is celebrating its 200th anniversary and many beauty products have been produced as  limited editions only. Many will think that gifting something a beauty product imply  that we need that product because we need to get rid off  of flabby bits or else. Well in my opinion if somebody is giving me a premium cream or other products it means that by using that product now it will help to  maintain a great shape later. it is preventive, not the last resource.
A set of products will be very much appreciated practically by everyone. This year there is a great selection of gift sets for ant budget. This one is £ 29.50 but if lucky you can find discounts in store or online. Don't forget to collect Beauty Points with your Beauty Club Card. If you don't have one, collect it at the store or download it on your iPhone. For every purchase of fragrances and beauty products you earn points and you can use your points in store.
Elemis products are among the premium brands I love. At Debenhams the choice of gift sets and single products is huge. Some of the gift sets come with a packaging perfect  to be taken away while travelling so when the product is finished there is always a reminder of a great gift received. Most of the time women don't indulge in purchases of premium skin care so when something like an Elemis gift set comes the reaction is always one of joy.
Aware of what perfume a friend, a colleague, a loved one, a relative or anyone else in your circle is using, the choice of fragrances and gift sets at Debenhams will sort any present in your gift list. For example the latest Calvin Klein fragrance " Downtown", the 50ml EDP bottle cost £ 46.00 and the gift set with a 50ml EDP bottle and a 100ml body lotion it is still £ 46.00. Isn't  it great?
Crystal Clear Stay Young skincare has got great prices and a great performance. They don't come with a gift set but you can choose what you think is perfect  for a gift and maybe wrapped it up in a scarf or inside a Christmas cracker.Go online at to view all the offers.


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