Sunday, 30 March 2014

Mimi Fasi at London Fashion Week

I've loved Mimi Fasi show at the Freemasons  Hall where the Fashion Scout is held every season during London Fashion Week. The collection has been inspired by the 1950s and 1960s with patterns and cuts that looked like out form a vintage fashion magazine. Enjoy the show:
This is one of the few shows where I would have bought every single piece and I hope that buyers thought the same because I've found the collection really great and bright. Loving colours and wearing colours, for me this collection really ticked all the boxes.
 This dress coat is fabulous, the details are just right and I love  the clashing printed headscarf . The tweed of the coat is custom made and this look is very French with the hairstyle and make up to match.
Isn't it gorgeous this two pieces suit ? The colour, the cut, the fabric with the custom made tweed which is a signature for Mimi Fasi.
Miriam Fahasi the creative director and co founder of  Ateliers & Maison Fasi greets the guests at the end of the show. Well done, absolutely fantastic.


Fluoro Friendship Bracelets from Grand Bazaar London

Maybe the winter is over and it is possible to wear few layers or none at all, so our arms will be ready to wear adornments matching the colours of our outfits. here a series of friendship bracelets from the Grand Bazaar London website. Bright and cheerful and at a great price, the jewellery on display will be the final touch before leaving the house.
I find them lovely with their fluo colours and cubic zirconia set in the centre. My favourites are the orange and purple. They can be worn more than one together with the colours maybe matching the outfit.
Love it, this bracelet is priced at £ 49.00 with the blue and white cubic zirconia, the adjustable bracelet and sterling silver beads.
Grand Bazaar London has got a huge choice of bracelets and other pieces of jewellery made sterling silver and gold plated using cubic zirconia in various cuts and colours as well as semi precious stones. Check for more and indulge in a small shopping spree at

Tuesday, 25 March 2014

House of Hackney Flagship Store

With everything going around in London I hope I will be forgiven for not knowing first about House of Hackney flagship store at  131 Shoreditch High Street E1 6JE. I knew the brand having seen some of the products at Liberty but today it was my first visit  the store opened in May 2013. I was speechless, I loved the shop and I've bought a nice dress, all in one go.
Bold prints everywhere, in furniture, curtains, crockery, stationery, apparel. Vibrant colours and an atmosphere in the shop that really makes you scan the place item by item because for sure you will find something to take home. Everything is "Made in England" and we like that, after all quality is for everyone to be seen at House of Hackney and you can't have quality if made somewhere where cheap labour is involved.

On two levels, House of Hackney flagship store has got the downstairs with a display of its furniture collection, beautiful sofas with bright prints, cushions, fantastic wallpaper and garden furniture as well like deckchairs and other outdoor chairs matching the same prints available in the shop.
These curtains are beautiful, it would be difficult to choose one style, unless you pick a style for each room you want to redecorate. House of Hackney is the perfect destination to sign up for a wedding list and I've seen some lovely silk dresses that would be perfect for the bridesmaids as well, and they would be happy to wear them.
Just imagine a couple of cushions like these how would change your living room in 5 seconds. It is possible to buy fabric so if you've got an old armchair or other piece of furniture, it can be revamped with a new look.
The selection of gifts for any occasion is huge. The tea sets are great and the mugs are brilliant. At House of Hackney you've got all the celebrations from Christmas to Mother's Day to birthdays and so on sorted. Womenswear and menswear are available as well with silky dresses, thick cotton tracksuits and smooth t shirts in the most beautiful prints ever.

Hanging from spectacular screens some of the new womenswear collection by House of Hackney. I love the red dress and the swimsuits are unique with the signature prints of the brand. Today the press has been introduced to the new collection.
At the end of the view and after my shopping I've sample some delicious fruit and vegetables juice and a nice muesli while chatting with the girls at The Communications Store and with Valeria Messuti, one of the store managers. Check online at and start planning a revamp of your flat...or a room just to start.

Monday, 24 March 2014

Pam Hogg " Courage" Show at LFW

I love Pam Hogg ' shows, they are not just a fashion show, they are a show, period. The models are acting, not just walking with some designer's outfit, they "live" the dress, the choice of models is eclectic with plus size, drag queens and celebrities, all part of Pam Hogg friends and fans. The show was centred on rebellion, protest and and slogan supporting the " Pussy Riot". Held at the Freemasons Hall during London Fashion Week, as usual it had standing room only.
I've taken some magnificent pictures from my fantastic position just next to the gate where nobody could have been close to me and with a clear sight of the runway. My neighbour, Nick Rhodes of Duran Duran fame took some great pictures too with his phone. If in the video you see some red haired woman in a vintage fur coat, that's me.
Catsuits are a trademark outfit for Pam Hogg, every season some of them are quite outrageous, shown next to the ones in metallic fabric, similar to a space suit.
Paul Simonon, guitarist for The Clash looks quite impressed with this wedding dress, after all he has got quite a taste for lace and sheer fabrics, maybe thanks to his girlfriend Serena Rees co founder of Agent Provocateur. The pair always attend Pam Hogg'shows.
Pam Hogg at the end of the show is greeting all her friends. The collection as you can see from the video is bright, bold, sexy and shocking, something that Pam Hogg does every season, she loves to shock the audience.  Looking forward to SS15.

Friday, 21 March 2014

Guess Jewellery Collection

The range of jewellery by Guess is bright and fun like everything in the Guess world. The prices are very good and the designs of the two lines are great. Uptown Girl and Latin Safari will be seen on any fashion conscious person.
From the Latin Safari line this bracelet is a real beauty with python print leather and white, yellow or rose gold plated metal. Available in turquoise, red, white, tan and black they are priced between £ 60.00 and £ 65.00.
I love the Uptown Girl line with its enamel jewellery. Coral, turquoise, white and beige are used  for these pieces of jewellery that looks like stained glasses or a Deco' artwork. This bangle is priced at £ 105.00.

This sweet bracelet is from the Latin Safari collection and it is the Desert Beauty line.with the Guess heart and crystals used in the setting. This bracelet is priced at £ 75.00 but there are other versions with charms, single or triple hearts.
This necklace is part of the Uptown Girl collection. I like the old style watch chain and the pendant with the soft hued enamel. Priced  at £ 65.00 it is one of those items that can be worn forever. The style and the colour make it great  for either summer or winter, to brighten up a dark outfit. The same style necklace is available in white metal with turquoise enamel.
The ring is from the Uptown Girl collection matching the necklace.  The same style is available in orange and this little beauty is priced at £ 45.00. It is really nice on a tanned hand.
Lovely necklace from the Desert  Beauty line with a sparkling heart pendant and a vintage looking chain. I love the rose gold  metal which is softer on any skin and priced at £ 50.00 it is a really great gift. Check for more styles, to shop or locate a shop near you at

Specsavers Spring Summer Eyewear

Style style style at Specsavers for this Spring Summer 2014. I remember when I was a kid and glasses were so ugly, I was ashamed to wear them. Now the ranges are amazing and the styles beautiful that in a way or another you want to wear glasses. Specsavers lined up some cool designers for its ranges.
I love the concept behind the Red or Dead range " Mad In England" . Classic style with a twist I would say. The base of the glasses  are cats-eye shaped and there are three magnetic "brows" that can be attached to the upper rim of the glasses. At the moment there are red, gold marble colour and black, but who knows are they going to release new colours every season? It would be great. The glasses from Red or Dead are priced at £ 99.00 including  single vision lenses and they are in the 2 for 1 offer. Look for them from Summer 2014.
I find the Firetrap glasses collection for Specsavers fantastic. The frames are very light so not heavy on the noses. The logo is not prominent, very soft etched and the look is urban London, very rock and roll. Those frames are priced at £ 99.00 with single vision lenses and they are in the 2 for 1 offer. Given the beauty of Firetrap frames (I've seen a purple pair) this is an offer  not to refuse.
Scandinavian Cheap Monday has launched its first collection of prescriptions glasses and sunglasses, designed by Helge Flo exclusively with Specsavers. The look is very edgy with 17 models available for men and women. I love the softly etched message on the top of the acetate frames fronts " Open your third eye". These glasses will be priced at £ 99.00, all with single vision lenses and part of the offer 2 for 1.
Specsavers has got a rainbow of colours for its frames. The Crawford ones with my favourite purple are £ 69.00 and they are part of the offer 2 for 1 so in case you can choose two different colours and shapes. Go online at to see all the models and the new arrivals as well as locate your nearer store and book an appointment with an optician. The visits at Specsavers are so accurate and the staff is very professional and knowledgeable as well as receiving a very quick service and fast delivery of your glasses.

French Connection Accessories

An accessory can change the whole look. A pair of jeans or a dress changes its style radically only by accessorising in a different way. French Connection has got a range of fantastic accessories to complement its collection Spring Summer 2014 but also to revamp something you've got in your wardrobe already.
These pairs of shoes have got a ladylike style that will suit any outfit and for any occasion. The Effie Kitten Heel in nude and striped print point are great for its 6.5 cm heels. They are 100% leather and they priced at £ 85.00. The Elodie Pointed Pumps in black leather and striped print points have a 10cm heel, they are 100% leather and they are priced at £ 85.00 as well. They are perfect for the monochrome trend.
Bags are never enough and French Connection has got a good range of handbags and clutches right for any style and any trend. The Zoe cornflower  blue satchel with laser cut details on the front is 100% leather, its price tag is £ 245.00 and the bag is big enough to carry all your essentials. At the back the Carla white satchel has got laser cut details, a zipped front pocket, perfect to store your Oyster card that generally is always scarce when needed and a shoulder strap. The bag is 100% leather and it cost £ 250.00 . These items you can find them online and in store now while the yellow belt will be available  later.
The Ivy peep toe sandal has got a very soft leather and the chunky heels with their 10.5 cm height are comfortable . A pair of shoes like this will smarten up any outfit. At £ 95.00, 100% leather they are a staple. The Hillary clutch is available in yellow and black, it has got a removable shoulder strap and it is priced at £ 55.00. The matching purse will be available in a later date.
In the background the Pina woven clutch has got a metallic and iridescent finish. it is priced at £ 45.00. The Walda platform sandal are available in orange, black and tan. They are 100% leather and suede, a heel 11.5 cm high and they cost £ 110.00. Orange is my favourite colour so it was a natural choice for me to include them in my post. Check for more styles and when new items will hit the stores at

Guess Spring Summer 2014

Guess has always had that Hollywood glamour and a vintage feel. Its advertising campaigns always launched new models, unknown girls who later became iconic faces like Deidre Maguire or Anna Nicole Smith. I remember the campaign with Claudia Schiffer, styled as a modern Brigitte Bardot.  The new collection is fresh with a rock chick mood that I love.
This pink leather jacket is a dream and despite the sweet colour it gives an edge to  the all white outfit of shirt and jeans. The beauty of  anything by Guess is that the garments are timeless. I've got a slip on dress in silk and I had it for 15 years, it is still new and on trend.
This is pure Brigitte Bardot 1950s with the gingham knotted shirt and denim shorts. This season the hem has got a contrasting fabric which makes it refined. Perfect look for a music festival or for a walk in the French Riviera.
Pink is the dominant colour in the Guess palette for the Spring Summer collection. The graphic shirt is tucked inside the Capri jeans. Guess bags are great, I own quite a few of them. This  quilted tote with chain straps is perfect to store  all of our essentials.
A denim mini skirt is another staple for the Guess label. Here this distressed mini has been styled with a motto shirt with lace details. A reinvention of the look worn by Madonna at her debut and seen in her film " Seeking desperately Susan", a glance to the past Hollywood era seen in iconic films.
Metallic details for this sheer blouse, paired up with a pair of two tone jeans. Metallic will be used  a spray treatment on fabrics and in finishes  on sweatshirts, denim  and wherever a bit of sparkle will be right. Check online at for more  and to locate your nearest store or concession.

Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Pal Zileri Menswear 2014

Pal Zileri is an Italian luxury brand of menswear. The quality is one of the highest on the market and the style is classic with little twists to appeal to men of all ages. The Spring Summer Collection 2014 brings the inspiration from  the 1960s West Coast look with suits and fresh linen trousers, check patterns for jackets and printed shirts.
This look is very relaxed with the purple, grey and black palette of the checkered jacket. A crisp white shirt and a pair of beige trousers give a smart look that wouldn't be out of place in a board room, at a party or for an important date. Men  are not fussy like women so I know they will love something that it can be worn in more than one occasion.
The Lab Pal Zileri is inspired by Berlin architecture and four capsule wardrobes have been designed with the four colours defining Berlin, grey like the asphalt and the steel, blue like the night very lively in this city, black that for a man is a must and green from the green of Tiergarten Park. This beautiful jacket with details on the upper sleeves  and a slim silhouette.
This jacket from the Lab Pal Zileri label is great. It is just that kind of jacket a man would wear while travelling, with pockets and the hood, ready to be used in case of a sudden shower.  This jacket is timeless and it will appeal even the less fashion conscious man.
Again the vintage West Coast look with a checkered shirt and a blue blazer, toned down by the light coloured trousers. The silk hankie is the winning detail. Pal Zileri has got several shops all over the world, few selected cities in UK but it is possible to buy online as well at

Phase Eight Spring Summer 2014

I went to see the Phase Eight collection and I've loved every single piece. The style is so feminine and at the same time modern. There are outfits for every occasion from casual, smart, formal as well as a collection of wedding dresses that are a dream. I've picked some items, just because I could not write a post with 100s of pictures, I had to make a selection, but I really liked the whole collection.
The Evie clutch bag is beautiful with its amethyst colour and the woven fabric. It will be the right accessory for a formal occasion or for an evening out. It is priced at £ 59.00 and it is the splash of colour needed if wearing a LBD or to complement any outfit with any shades of purple.
It is a lovely dress this textured lace maxi one. With different accessories it can be casual or elegant. For example a pair of sandals will make it look like very relaxed while a pair of high heel will give it a aura of glamour. At £ 99.00 Phase Eight is selling you a dress that is going to be a staple in your wardrobe.
The Jenna bracelet in leather and three colours metal is great. It is one of those bracelets that you can wear with anything, it will always match other pieces of jewellery you are wearing. At £ 35.00 is a fantastic summer addition to your accessories' box.
This beautiful dress screams of Mediterranean holidays, maybe in Capri or Sorrento, some of the most gorgeous places in Italy. This dress would be stunning on Sophia Loren or Audrey Hepburn. This is what Phase Eight maybe thought when creating this collection.
The Danni Double jumper is a really nice piece. It is soft, it has got a white floaty fabric popping out at the hem like you are wearing two garments layered  and the grey colour is a match with everything. At £ 79.00 it will give the relaxed look a sophisticated edge.
Phase Eight has created the new Collection 8 which comprises of a range of limited edition evening dresses with a Venetian influence of opulence. This Langam dress with the intricate work of pleats and drapes at £ 225.00 has got a deep jewel hue.
The Cassie Filagree satin sandals are one of those shoes that will transform anything you are wearing in something stunning. Just wear them with a pair of jeans and by magic you will be the best dressed at a party.  Priced at £ 89.00 they are a pair of investment shoes, something that will be timeless. Check for more and to locate your nearest store at

Monday, 17 March 2014

Keith Khan Digital Print Saris

Keith Khan has got an impressive CV having organised of some of the most creative events in London and abroad. Keith was one of the creative advisors involved for the Queen Diamond Jubilee Parade, this is one of the endless stream of major projects he has done. His latest enterprise was launched during

London Fashion Week, where he came up with another triumph, his collection of digital printed saris, modern and with vibrant colours for a modern woman who looks at traditions but she likes to embrace the latest trends.
The debut fashion show has been held during London Fashion Week as a part of The Bloomsbury Set Event. The venue of the Central Baptiste Church in Bloomsbury has seen fabulous models from any background dressed in these beautiful saris, which has been jazzed up with ultra modern accessories in order to bring the sari in the 21st century and detached from the common perception linked to a very traditional garment.
The beautiful models came  from the recently launched training school  Models Link where experts advice young hopefuls who would like to enter into a career of modelling. They are taught by ML how to build a portfolio and other useful tips for this industry.  Despite being not used to wear a particular garment like a sari, they've been brilliant and they strutted their stuff with grace and femininity.
Saris have been styled with slaves sandals in patent Melflex plastic by Vivienne Westwood + Melissa. This sandals sat perfectly in matching  colours with the printed saris.  The soundtrack of the show was by Alex Blanco who mixed the KT Tunstall " Suddenly I See", it was just fantastic with a vibrant feeling.

An added plus was the finest leather gloves by Duecci Guanti, these gave an edge to Keith 's product.  Duecci Guanti is yet another luxury brand Keith discovered at The Bloomsbury Set Event. , Keith Khan has shown to the guests who attended the fashion show something that they probably did not expect to see, a modernised interpretation of  a traditional garb.
Look at the amazing colours of Keith's  collection. They are a limited edition collection with the top looking like a sport attire and with only 5 metres length elastic silk  blend that becomes more comfortable to wear.
I love the whole styling for his show and the way it has been put on stage without any cliche' . I find the prints stunning and I wouldn't be surprised if a range of scarves would be made from those patterns. Check more of Keith Khan projects at