Karora Skinwear Collection

On a wet London afternoon I went to the W Hotel in Wardour Street for an event of luxury brands by CiCi PR. Among them Karora  with its colourful packaging and the products that promised a golden glow was hard to miss. Just looking outside of the window my eyes went straight back to the pictures of subtly tanned beauties, just to make myself clear, nobody orange tinted in sight, but only a tasteful radiant glow.
This Karora CC Cream is perfect for coverage and radiance. The cream in a natural colour covers all the imperfections leaving a great complexion. The ingredients are delicious with green tea, jojoba oil, argan and acai berry for a younger skin. At £ 23.99 is the new BBF (Beauty Best Friend) to have forever.
The Karora Tinted Self Tan Mist is available in 100ml and 200ml bottle at £ 17.99 and £ 23.99. During the hot months having a bottle of this product in your bag will help you tolerate the heath, because sometime we've got hot days in London, or while on holiday, this is a must have. The mist will match the colour of your skin and the ingredients are absolutely great with aloe, acai berry. argan and coconut oils while the citrus fragrance will give you energy and freshness.
Karora has got a great range of self tan and skinwear products. The ingredients are natural and there are not chemical nasties. Also the fragrances used are delicious and the hydrating and moisturising ingredients are good for your skin.
I am matching the Karora colours and I know that using these products will leave me with a natural golden complexion that will suit my natural colour skin, so no funny orange streaks or unnatural tan, just a very healthy glow, like I've been on holiday and I've protected my skin with a good sun lotion. Where to find Karora products? At the beautiful chemist John Bell & Croydon in Wigmore Street in London and at Lloyds Pharmacy nationwide as well as at www.karoracosmetics.com


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