Pam Hogg " Courage" Show at LFW

I love Pam Hogg ' shows, they are not just a fashion show, they are a show, period. The models are acting, not just walking with some designer's outfit, they "live" the dress, the choice of models is eclectic with plus size, drag queens and celebrities, all part of Pam Hogg friends and fans. The show was centred on rebellion, protest and and slogan supporting the " Pussy Riot". Held at the Freemasons Hall during London Fashion Week, as usual it had standing room only.
I've taken some magnificent pictures from my fantastic position just next to the gate where nobody could have been close to me and with a clear sight of the runway. My neighbour, Nick Rhodes of Duran Duran fame took some great pictures too with his phone. If in the video you see some red haired woman in a vintage fur coat, that's me.
Catsuits are a trademark outfit for Pam Hogg, every season some of them are quite outrageous, shown next to the ones in metallic fabric, similar to a space suit.
Paul Simonon, guitarist for The Clash looks quite impressed with this wedding dress, after all he has got quite a taste for lace and sheer fabrics, maybe thanks to his girlfriend Serena Rees co founder of Agent Provocateur. The pair always attend Pam Hogg'shows.
Pam Hogg at the end of the show is greeting all her friends. The collection as you can see from the video is bright, bold, sexy and shocking, something that Pam Hogg does every season, she loves to shock the audience.  Looking forward to SS15.


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