Fashion ComPassion website launched

Fashion ComPassion is a website of ethical accessorises that sells unique pieces from designers all around the world who are committed to sustainability while producing hand made luxury bags and other items who women artisans from about 20 communities around the world produce with the highest quality materials.
Ayesha Mustafa, is the founder of this website and during the launch party held at the beginning of April has gathered her team, who are with her in this picture and inviting guests for a glass of champagne while browsing the pop up shop for a shopping spree with a soul.
These bags are absolutely beautiful and the designers are all exclusive for the UK market and they have been sourced for their fair trade credentials and luxury materials used. So buying from Fashion ComPassion is a way to help communities around the world  helping artisans to be paid a fair price for their work.
The Buy My Wardrobe space in Seymour Place was packed  as you can see and many guests left with shopping bags, clutching their new finds as well as a goodie bag with info inside about Fashion ComPassion and a little box of Lavolio Sweets, one of the most delicious and luxury confectionery around
Another selection of bags that you can find on the Fashion ComPassion website. It is possible to have a bespoke service as well so nobody else will have the same bag you've got, it takes between 2 to 5 weeks to have something especially made. Also on the website for each product there is the story behind it which I think it's brilliant. So, don't wait anymore and go online at for some guilt free shopping.


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