Mighty Purse

How many times did you have your phone with a dead battery and the need to make or receive a phone call? Well, after buying this stylish device, this is going to be a problem that will never occur to you. The Mighty Purse distributed by www.wowthem.com is a line of incredible smart purses and mini clutch bags with a recharger inside that will charge your phone or a eReader  while on the go.
There is a fantastic choice of colours and models and materials from water resistant nylon to leather to pony skin. This is an accessory for both women and men because as well as very fancy models and bright colours, there are quite a few models in black leather or tan or in nylon and leather with a quilted motif which are perfect for any man who can carry it inside his messenger bag or rucksack.
These clever purses will end a era of plugging your phone anywhere with the risk of forget it or worst stolen. These purses are compatible with most of the Smartphones around including  Samsung, Blackberry, iPhone4 and 5, LG, Android and more. The website will give you the exact models that can be charged with the Mighty Purse.
Check online at www.wowthem.com because this is going to be the must have accessory from now on. I've seen a beautiful one for me, the Original in Icy Purple but my mind is with the Tangerine Orange as well...decision decision. The only thing I know is that there won't be no more battery problems with this new gadget.


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