Mondelliani Glasses

Mondelliani is the brand behind the Mondello family who has been making glasses for the last 40 years. The current collection is inspired by the Eolie Islands, Sicily's gems, beautiful and full of colours, the same colours seen in the Mondelliani glasses collection.
Striking sunglasses surrounded by the most delicious chocolate in town at Said Chocolatier at 41 Broadwick Street in Soho, W1F 9QL. While tasting the yummy dark chocolate I've tried all the frames. Loving colours I could not resist and I've spent most of the time switching from one frame to another. These orange ones are beautiful.
These turquoise frames are just matching the colour of the Sicilian sea. The frames are inspired by the 1960s and 1970s styles and each line has got the name of one of the Eolie Islands : Lipari, Vulcano, Salina, Alicudi, Filicudi and Panarea. If I am not mistaken Giorgio Armani and Stefano Dolce have a house in the Eolie Islands.
Great tortoiseshell frames which are present in more than one lines from the Mondelliani collection. Where are they sold? Well for now in London Wolf & Badger in Notting Hill has got the range and they are looking for more stockists. I am sure they won't have a hard time in finding them because the collection is stunning and with the experience matured in 4 decades of being in business, Mondelliani is a brand with substance, not just an one hit wonder.
The orange tortoiseshell Alicudi and Filicudi models are gorgeous. The orange  is inspired by the fiery sunset on these beautiful islands, so full of history. Already these glasses have been featured in Glamour Magazine and Grazia in UK and this is just the beginning.
Last but not least, my favourite frames, the Lipari in purple. They are fabulous and with a just a hint of a cat's eye shape it gives you a diva - like look. All the Mondelliani glasses have got Carl Zeiss lens which are the best in the world.
Mondelliani is from Rome, so what best place to hold the Press Day if not in another Roman institution like Said in Soho, the best chocolate in town since 1923 in Rome? Among scrumptious cakes, creamy hot chocolate and a variety of dark chocolate samples we've met this new (for UK) brand, we've talked to Federico Mondello, the owner and creative mind behind the brand hoping to see more outlets stocking these gorgeous glasses.


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