Sunday, 15 June 2014

Sophia & Matt Toiletries bags and more

Sophia & Matt is the brand behind a lovely couple who makes wash bags, small accessorises and bags for women and for the baby's essentials in coated fabrics. The brand started in 2005 selling from a stall at Greenwich Market and then gaining a following that made it possible to expand the production but still down to Sophia and Matt. They design, and they produce everything in London.
I love this print, very 1970s. Sophia & Matt are inspired by those decades where colours were present in houses like wallpapers, flooring and in fashion. This bag is lovely, with practical pockets at the front so it will be easy to find the Oyster card instead of rummaging inside the bag and the house keys will be easy to locate too. The bag is priced at £ 142.00 and the leather straps can be adjusted. A 15inches laptop can be stored in it.
This large wash bag is great for going on holiday. At £ 52.00 and with all the small details that make a great wash bag like waterproof inside lining, metal studs on the base, it is perfect to store toiletries when away for a week. I will tell you something, when I've seen Sophia & Matt products for the first time, I knew I've seen them before, the style was unmistakable, and thinking  it over I've realised that I had two wash bags at home but when Sophia was selling them in Camden Market, probably at the beginning of her career, before meeting Matt maybe? So I can tell you that my 2 wash bags are still in tip top condition despite having them for ages. The colours did not fade and they look new even if I use them constantly.
The Blue Spot handbag is priced at £ 124.00, it is a great colour and a big pocket on the front so you can separate the mobile from delicate items like an Oyster card and credit cards that next to a phone could be damaged. A series of accessorises like wallets, purses and small make up bag can be matched in order to have a full set.
This is the small Floral wash bag, great if you stay out for one night or to keep it in your office drawers with toothbrush, make up and other essentials you might need during the day. At £ 42.00 it comes fully detailed with waterproof inside lining, metal studs and leather zip pull. At Sophia & Matt there are also beautiful cross body bags, baby changing bags and small accessorises included a travel card holder. Check online at or pop at their shop at 28 Greenwich Church Street, Greenwich London SE10 9BJ

Friday, 6 June 2014

Regent Tweet 2014

Regent Tweet, the shopping/twitter bloggers event has celebrated its 5th birthday on the 31st of May, inviting a group of bloggers from the UK and abroad to enjoy a day in London at the magnificent shopping destination in Regent Street where 50 among stores and restaurants have been visited to sample products and check on the latest trends.
That's us before starting a day of visiting stores. Some of them were old friends of us and some were new entries because just opened or participating for the first time. After a lecture at the Apple Store where we knew about a new app about Regent Street and everything we need to know about this "Mile of Style" as it has been dubbed.
At Hamleys I had to have my picture taken and then tweeted it in order to receive a cuddly teddy bear. . Beauty tips involving hand cream have been left to a paper tree at Crabtree & Evelyn, receiving a pair of new nail polish bottles which is one of the latest products from this iconic brand , if you have a handy beauty tip just go to one of their shops in order to receive a £ 5.00 voucher, you've got time until the 30th of June.
Brasserie Zedel has been so kind to offer to all the exhausted bloggers a nice lunch. I could not resist and I've taken a picture of my grated carrots. Brasserie Zedel is fantastic, from the outside you wouldn't guess how incredible it is. The restaurant is a real hidden gem at 20 Sherwood Street London W1F 7ED . After lunch it has been a frenzy of activities, picking my beautiful hat at Laird London, just next door with the restaurant. I've received the Scoop Cap which is the interpretation by Laird London of the baseball cap, made from one piece of wool. Go at 18 Sherwood Street W1F 7ED to have your bespoke hat and online at to see all the other stores.
Here Liberty London Girl blogger Sasha Wilkins is talking to our group at Brooks Brothers at 150 Regent Street. Sasha talked about the iconic brand and then she went to explain the wonders of the gift that Brooks Brothers gave to the bloggers. The Great White Shirt in 100% cotton, with cufflinks and something that  deserved a cheers from all of us, the shirt doesn't need ironing. . We love cosmetics so when I knew that Kiko would have been part of Regent Tweet I've been very pleased. Kiko is very popular in Italy for its very affordable, very trendy and very good quality make up. Its stores are always crowded with customers buying like no tomorrow
J.Crew gave a very useful gift which I've used straightaway, a great canvas bag where I've kept part of my gifts. I went for some relax at the East India Company. I love tea and there it is the heaven. As well as teas there is a great range of biscuits, jams and chocolates. The white chocolate covered strawberry which I've found in my goodie bag have been the perfect match with a cup of black tea the day after. . So many shops so little time, luckily I live here in London so I can pop in and visit, like I will do at Molton Browns for a nice hand massage which I could not enjoy on the day.
Nick Carvel of GQ Online has given a lecture at the new Tumi flagship store about suitcases. Given the impending holidays, it has been a very useful talk and I know that some of us did make a purchase because Tumi suitcases are just the best on the market. .From there to GAP for a jeans fitting, we never know our jeans size and at GAP the sizes are so clear that for years I've been buying my denim there. GAP has been very kind in gifting a pair of jeans and I've chosen a jeans leggings, absolutely brilliant. .
A moment of relax at Sadie Coles HQ a fantastic space in Kingly Street where we've seen an exhibition by Andrea Zittel. After that at Penhaligon's where I've received an atomiser filled with the latest fragrance Tralala. .I've been mesmerised by United Nude and its machinery that create shoes and other objects from plastic. It deserves a post of its own but I wanted to mention it here as well to thank them for the great bracelet I've received
Never tired to say thank you to Sister PR who organised this fantastic day for like minded people. Regent Tweet made me discover over the years new places and shops that became on my list for shopping and dining. After a day of running from one place to another, the final stop at Piccolino Restaurant at 21 Heddon Street has been the cherry on top of the cake, relaxing with a drink and delicious Italian style canapes  . See you next year Regent Tweet.