Acuvue Define Contact Lenses

Johnson & Johnson has been nurturing the world with its products since 1886, this is nearly 130 years in business manufacturing products for newborns as well as medical and optical products. I've discovered an amazing new line of contact lenses by Acuvue, the famous 1 day contact lenses, great for a very active life without bothering with liquids and lens cases. The new 1 Day Acuvue Define are your usual contact lenses with an added benefit: giving a new sparkle or shimmer to your eyes as well as having your usual prescriptions lenses.
These are the Natural Sparkle 1 Day Acuvue Define where your eyes receive a brightening effects when worn. The eyes looks fresh and not tired and these lenses just enhance their natural colour giving definition. I've tried both Sparkle and Shimmer and my favourite are the Natural Sparkle.
The Natural Shimmer 1 Day Acuvue Define gives more depth and intensity to the eyes, so if your eyes colour is a bit pale, the Natural Shimmer type is perfect. These lenses are not coloured but the dark outer ring circles the iris for more contrast. The lenses are UV protected and very comfortable. When I've tried them on I did not feel any discomfort, something that generally happens with new lenses or when you swap brands.
 In this picture the model is not wearing the 1 Day Acuvue Define contact lenses. The picture below she is wearing a pair of Natural Sparkle 1 Day Acuvue Define. You can see the difference, the eyes look brighter and they are more defined. The whites look even whiter and if you think that these images have been retouched by Photoshop I can tell you that the result after wearing these lenses is just that. I've trialled them and the eyes really are different but at the same time natural. The colour is the same, just brighter and the whole eye looks more defined. These fantastic lenses in Asia are already at the top of any woman buying list. In UK at the moment they are exclusive at Boots only, but with a Boots at every corner I must admit that they can be found nationwide. From January 2015 they will be available with the rest of the opticians either big chains or independent. Book an appointment at Boots for a free trial and believe me you will never look back.


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