Saturday, 27 September 2014

Lacoste Footwear Collection AW 14

When thinking about Lacoste , our thoughts go straight away to the beautiful and colourful polo shirts that from the tennis courts have been worn by practically everyone in the world. Lacoste as well as having a range of tennis wear and active wear in general, has got a fantastic collection of shoes, and we are not talking about trainers, but footwear perfect for our everyday lives where a comfort and fashion go hand in hand.
This pair of beauties are the Korelle model in leather and suede. Needless to say that I love them, they are in my favourite colour, they are very comfortable and perfect for a day at work, wearing sneakers but at the same time being so stylish that even in the most sombre office this pair of shoes would be allowed and appreciated. At the moment they are available in black and light grey, but check the website constantly because this burgundy model will come at a later day.
The Rene Prep 4 brogue has got a very rich burgundy tone, it is in leather  and it is great with everything. Worn with thick tights and a dress or skirt it has that "college" feeling but with a twist because of the colour. The Thionna 3 Chelsea boots with the black insert are another classic revisited. Made in leather  they will see you through all the cold season.
The Helaine Runner 4 are lovely in textile and suede. I love unique trainers and these are the kind which can be worn at the gym or when out and about. A pair like this can't be left in a box for long, it has to be enjoyed  as much as we can.
The Carnaby Evo Marl in textile are sweet plimsolls with that vintage feel thanks to the grey colour and the fabric used. These trainers embody the Lacoste heritage when once the brand was worn only at tennis courts. But now with fashion, being very eclectic,  it is fine wearing a pair of trainers "on the road" and designers can be creative with colours, models and different kind of materials used. This collection has got a thing which is paramount, the little crocodile, a sign of good quality.
This season collection by Lacoste sees a lot of burgundy, ankle boots, formal shoes and trainers as this pair of Helaine Runner 3 in glossy dark burgundy leather. I can safely say that by wearing these trainers your feet are going to be very comfortable and in case of a sudden shower while on the street, your feet won't be affected in the least. Check online at  where to find the nearest stockist or store in order to find your favourite among the huge range of footwear for the season AW 2014.

Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Aesop Marrakech Intense

Aesop, the Australian brand of skincare and has upgraded the already successful fragrance Marrakech launched in 2005 and from September, all its stores and online it is possible discover, fall in love and buy the new Aesop Marrakech Intense. This fragrance is for both women and men and I must say that having worn it since when I went to the press presentation, I had a lot of positive comments, with people asking me where they could buy it.
Aesop Marrakech Intense has been created by perfumer Barnabe' Fillion, the "nose" behind a number of niche perfumes houses as well as fashion labels like Paul Smith. For his first fragrance with Aesop, Barnabe' has worked over the existing mix, reinterpreting it and adding Egyptian Jasmine, Neroli and bergamot in a way that those ingredients linked perfectly with  the spices.
The bottle is very minimalist as in the Aesop style. It is a bottle that can sit either on a woman beauty table or in a man's bedroom. The options for the Aesop Marrakech Intense are the Eau de Toilette 50ml at £ 53.00 and the Parfum roll on 10ml at £ 63.00, this one great to keep in the handbag for a retouch during the day. Visit one of the Aesop stores, all different from each other and check online the rest of its great range of skincare at

Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Berwick Street Record Store Day

I have already checked the forecast. On the 19th of April, the Saturday where in Berwick Street is planned a Record Store Day, is going to be dry and sunny. Why am I happy for this news? It is because on that day several live music events, bands, and DJ sets will be performing in the area for free. Berwick Street in Soho has got a musical heritage second to none, with lots of independent records shops where in the past I've found few rare and limited edition releases.
From 8 in the morning shops will be open in order to allow all the music lovers to dig up some rare vinyls from historic shops like Reckless Records, Sister Ray, The Music and Video Exchange, all located in Berwick Street or Sounds of the Universe in Broadwick Street, Black Market Records in D'Arblay Street and Phonica in Poland Street.

From 12 to 7 in a stage at the crossroads of Berwick Street and D'Arblay Street, music will go on with live gigs. Adam Ant will perform as well as Orange Juice front man Edwyn Collins. The September Girls and The Augustines will be part of this music day and DJ Andy Smith, Ruts DC and Tim Arnold - The Soho Hobo.
Come early to grab a spot in order to listen to your favourite band. Around the area a huge choice of food places will keep you in strength for this day, from quick take aways to places like Polpetto, specialised in small Venetian tapas kind of food. Step in your Dr Martens or Underground shoes (by the way their shops are just in the area ) and immerse yourself in a rock and roll day. For more information check

Futura Sunglasses by Silhouette

2014 is the 50th Anniversary of  the Silhouette brand, founded in Linz in 1964. This year is the 40th anniversary of one of  its more successful frames: Futura. And with this in mind Silhouette came up with a reinvention of the original frames created in 1974 and the following edition in 2004. The new Futura are very light, there are not screws in sight and they are very flexible. Tali Lennox, daughter of singer Annie of the Eurythmics fame is the face of the Futura campaign shot by famous photographer Peter Lindbergh.
Tali Lennox is wearing these beautiful frames at the launch of the Futura by Silhouette held at Matches Fashion HQ, because the shop will sell them on its website
I've tried them on and they are very comfortable, you feel that you are not wearing sunglasses at all because the weight is so light.
These three beautiful models are wearing the three different colour frames. Black temples with a silvery mirror coating on the lenses, white temples with a bronze mirror coating on the lenses and yellow temples with black lenses.
Fantastic guests at the launch of the Futura by Silhouette frames. Fashion designers and twins Felder Felder are photographed together with the Michele Villotti, general manager at Silhouette Italy and marketing manager for Silhouette Benelux Sandra Van Renterghem. I am sure we will see quite a few Futura  frames in the street in the next few weeks and on the front rows at London Men Collection and LFW.

(Photos by Stephen Mahoney)

Fedeli Cashmere

Fedeli is an Italian brand that since 1934 has manufactured the best leather goods and knitted garments ending up with the production of the best cashmere. This company is still a family business with the fourth generation working to expand its market. With shops in Milan, Forte dei Marmi, Moscow, Seoul and London, this premium brand for men and women wear is still a leader.
This shirt has got a beautiful green hue and makes this pair of jeans very lady like. Both from Fedeli like the gorgeous bag and the slippers. This outfit is the right uniform for Forte dei Marmi, one of the best holiday destinations in Tuscany since....ever. Called it just Forte is where all the wealthy Italians have got their villas so the style is casual chic like this look.
This dust coat in linen and cotton is perfect for those evenings out for a relaxing meal or a drink. Denim trousers and a shirt  are perfect for an effortless look and the scarf in a mix of linen and cotton will give that splash of colour to a muted outfit.
The 3/4 sleeves suede jacket with laser cut details is a great piece. The man's jacket in cashmere and suede is a staple in every gentleman's wardrobe. The printed scarf in linen  and cotton gives a twist with its colours while the man is feeling confident with a fresh look.
I love the colours of this silk stretchy dress. A yellow scarf has been used as a shawl. With a pair of flat sandal is very relaxed, with a pair of heels it is the perfect outfit for a summer wedding or other social engagement. Visit its store at 108 Draycott Avenue SW3 3AE London or visit online at

Dune and Bertie Shoes for the summer

Dune and its sister company Bertie have always a great collection of accessorises. For this season, which shyly is starting now with a warmer weather, the best thing to start the new season is buying a new accessory to jazz up something you already own. Dune is the right destination with a great choice of products.
This line of animal print shoes and clutch are lovely. The Dune Anabel court shoes in white takes the monochrome trend with ease. At £ 79.00 is a pair of shoes that will always be fashionable. The Dune Hatti sandals at £ 85.00 are available in blue and pink with the  Dune Belinda matching clutches at £ 65.00.

These flat sandals are great and they conjure a summer holiday when we were kids. The floral Dune Jane sandals at £ 55.00 will be perfect with any outfit you've taken with you in your suitcase. In town they are the right shoes for a stroll in the park or for visiting the city like a tourist.
Sweet Dune Junipa flat sandals with all those flowers applied. With a choice of pink or mint colour, at £ 59.00 they are sandals that will be fine for work as well.
These beautiful brogues by Bertie are the Leopold model at £ 79.00. My favourite, needless to say are the red/purple ones. Either in leather or suede, they are available in grey and black as well. Check online when these items will be in store at so you can be the first to buy the new arrivals .

George at Asda For A Great Holiday Suitcase

Going on holiday is not expensive but also is not cheap either and obviously you always want to look your best when stepping off the plane or in town visiting and having a great time. A shopping spree at George at your local Asda or online can give you a fab wardrobe at  incredible prices.
This bright dress comes from the G21 Talent line, a collective of up and coming talented British designers. George is the main sponsor for Graduate Fashion Week so it is possible for the fashion team to pick the best creative students. This dress is priced at £ 16.00. With its sheer sleeves is perfect on the plane when the air con is at full blast or in the evening while sipping a cocktail in one of the hot spots at your holiday destination.
Accessories are very important to revamp an outfit, so pack a pair of Ankle strap textured heel sandals in nude, it will match virtually everything. At £16.00, these shoes will be with you for the whole season and more. The Rope Knot flat sandals at £ 10.00 in gold are perfect for the beach or for a tour at your holiday destination, better not to walk in high heels while visiting museums and sightseeing the town. The Laser Cut flat sandals in silver at £ 8.00 will be the right choice at the airport when you will breeze through security control without parting with your shoes. A chunky chain necklace with synthetic gems at £ 10.00 will brighten up any outfit. Check online or in store for the lovely clutch to hit the shelves soon.
George has embraced the trend of all things Brazilian especially with the World Cup coming soon. This pineapple print dress at £ 12.00 is spot on for the Rio Carnival vibe. A statement tassel necklace at £ 15.00 will be the piece of jewellery that will style your outfit to perfection. Check at because there are new arrivals every week and some of the garments are only an online exclusive.

Mighty Purse

How many times did you have your phone with a dead battery and the need to make or receive a phone call? Well, after buying this stylish device, this is going to be a problem that will never occur to you. The Mighty Purse distributed by is a line of incredible smart purses and mini clutch bags with a recharger inside that will charge your phone or a eReader  while on the go.
There is a fantastic choice of colours and models and materials from water resistant nylon to leather to pony skin. This is an accessory for both women and men because as well as very fancy models and bright colours, there are quite a few models in black leather or tan or in nylon and leather with a quilted motif which are perfect for any man who can carry it inside his messenger bag or rucksack.
These clever purses will end a era of plugging your phone anywhere with the risk of forget it or worst stolen. These purses are compatible with most of the Smartphones around including  Samsung, Blackberry, iPhone4 and 5, LG, Android and more. The website will give you the exact models that can be charged with the Mighty Purse.
Check online at because this is going to be the must have accessory from now on. I've seen a beautiful one for me, the Original in Icy Purple but my mind is with the Tangerine Orange as well...decision decision. The only thing I know is that there won't be no more battery problems with this new gadget.

La Paire Sandals " Arabesque"

I've just fell in love with La Paire sandals, they've just got everything I like in a pair of summer shoes. They are colourful, they are comfortable, I've checked the inside and they are padded, and the quality is supreme. The price is not bad either at £ 109.00 so I can summarise saying that La Paire sandals will be a staple in any woman's wardrobe.
These are the Viola sandals with an ankle strap and a scalloping motif. The inspiration comes from the decorations from Moroccan tiles. The blue and the white in contrast is just an example of how the designer reworked a traditional pattern for something new.
This is the Viola sandal in white with a decoration of little flowers in red and white and blue piping. As well as North African ceramics, they remind me of the "Murrine" the typical decoration made with Murano glass.
This other beauty is the Lily sandal. The strap make the ankles look thinner, I like the snakeskin print and the gold straps in contrast. There is just a hint of a heel, making them perfect with dresses or trousers or shorts and mini skirts.
These are the Rose sandals in three colours, bright turquoise, white or black. All of them have got gold details and the style here is a bit Greek. All these sandals are priced at £ 109.00 and they are available at the moment only at  With these shoes your holiday suitcase is sorted, they are flat, they don't take much space and at the airport you don't have to take them off at the security control, because they can't hide anything.

Boux Avenue Summer Collection

Superstar singer Jamelia is the face and the body of Boux Avenue Swimwear. She is just perfect for this brand because Jamelia is a real woman with curves and all, so she mirrors the Boux Avenue customers who are confident and beautiful. This swimwear collection has got fantastic colours.
This is the Lanzarote bow bikini in a tangerine colour. Sizes go from a 32A to a 38G and a 6 to 18 size. The quality is very high despite a very affordable price. The bikini top is priced at £ 26.00 and the brief at £ 14.00

The classic stripe bikini here has been reworked with the Paris top with contrasting stripes and the bottom with big stripes on the front and small stripes on the back. With a price tag of £ 25.00 for the top and £ 15.00 for the brief, Boux Avenue brings a classic in the 21st century.
This bikini would be perfect on Marilyn Monroe. The polka dots of this Santa Barbara model are so 1950s with a twist, given from the white detail of the bikini top which is priced at £ 26.00 while the brief are priced at £ 15.00
The Costa Rica bikini with its vibrant purple colour is beautiful. The flowers details are unique and give a exotic vibe to the model. As well as online it is possible to buy Boux Avenue collection in their stores located  in UK and that can be found on the website. At the store a free fitting service is available in order to find the perfect swimwear. This stunning bikini is priced at £ 30.00 for the top and £ 16.00 for the brief.
Boux Avenue is not only swimwear but it stocks lovely lingerie like this sweet Fleure longline bra at £ 25.00  and the Fleure scrunch brief at £ 8.00. Boux Avenue sells nightwear and small gifts as well, it is the right destination for you and when in need of a nice present to buy. Check online at for your nearest store or if you can't wait just loose yourself browsing.

Carnaby Street Shopping Party

It is that time of the year again, a time when in Carnaby Street most of the shops and restaurants are welcoming everyone with offers, gifts and a discount of 20% on purchases. Not only this, there is the possibility to win goodie bags full of treats, vouchers and your favourite items when tweeting or instagraming. Mark the 1st of May from 5 to 9 as an evening of fun, fashion and serious shopping
Live music at the Ganton Street stage with up and coming band The Struts who will play 3 sets during the event, so no fear of missing them. Grazia magazine style hunters will scout the area for the most stylish shoppers to be photographed for the Grazia Daily as well as receive a fantastic goodie bag. The agency Premier Models is around as well hoping to find the new Kate Moss.
Shops will have DJs playing during the evening. At Fred Perry vintage sounds will be played with original vinyls from the 1920s to the 1950s while Jodie Harsh will be at Eleven Paris with one of his famous sets from 7 to 9 and Borja Pena from 5 to 7.Music at Miss Sixty as well.
Grazia Magazine 's editor at large Angela Buttolph will host 3  trend talks in Kingly Court on the first floor highlighting items that can be found in shops participating in the event. Remember to tweet during the night using  #Carnaby and #Win you might be lucky. For more information and to see the whole program go to and do like I did, print a copy of the page so you won't miss anything.
Time to buy something new for your holidays and with a 20% discount in a traffic free area, the shopping spree will be a pleasure especially if surrounded by music, complimentary drinks and more. Dress to impress for a chance to be picked for a makeover and a fashion shoot for the Carnaby Facebook page, they will look for 100 stylish shoppers.

Victoria Pop Up Shop at Boxpark

Victoria is a Spanish brand that makes great shoes full of colours. It has been doing this for nearly a century, exactly, next year the brand will celebrate its 100th anniversary having been established in 1915. Victoria has just opened a pop up shop at Boxpark 2-10 Bethnal Green Road London E1 6GY Unit 25, the East End shopping centre next to Shoreditch High Street
The SS 14 collection is available in all its bright colours and original prints. look at the tropical ones which is the top trend of the moment. Victoria is planning several events in store as well as stocking special editions and classic models of this Spanish brand.
I love this orange pair of plimsoll with its fabulous print inspired by an ethnic pattern. The yellow one is sporting some palm tree, still following this summer trend with everything tropical and Brazilian to celebrate the World Cup.
As you can see Victoria is not manufacturing only girly shoes. This five models are quite urban and unisex with camo patterns and darker colours. The green ones look great and the animal print ones are stunning.
Glitter is not forgotten at Victoria with these sparkly pairs in pink blue and silver. As well as the pop up stand alone shop in Boxpark you can find other stockists selling great brand at

Burt's Bees Pop Up Hive

Burt's Bees is well known for its famous and distinctive yellow lip balm. I am sure that nearly everyone who is reading this post has got somewhere at home or in her handbag a tube of lip balm by this American brand. Well Burt's Bees is not only lip balm but it has got a full range of health and beauty products to fill up a shop. For this reason from the 1st of May for 8 weeks a bright yellow pop up shop will be open at 46 Monmouth Street Seven Dials in Covent Garden London WC2H 9LE.
These display shows the classic Burt's Bees products, all made from natural ingredients with no "nasties" like phthalates, parabens, petrolatum or SLS. Also  these products haven't been tested on animals. The shop is decorated with wooden furniture, shelves shaped like hexagonal honeycomb and yellow is obviously the chosen colour.
Burt's Bees has got a fantastic range of lip colour products. There are 12 different shades and from a tablet instore ii is possible to see tips from a top make up artist who tells you how to layer the products on display in order to achieve different results. As well as lip stick, the range comprises of lip gloss and tinted balms.
This honeycomb display has got the 10 best sellers products of the whole range of Burt's Bees. The brand has got anything we need from head to toe. Many women discover Burt's Bees while expecting a baby because products are so natural that are perfect for a newborn baby and then they've got to know that there is a huge skin care range with delicious natural fragrances.
The make up counter is fabulous with the great collection of lipsticks and lip balm on display. Terracotta plant pots hold cotton buds and cotton pads so it is easy to apply and remove the cosmetics and make the perfect choice of shades and product. Brand experts will be available to offer skincare and cosmetic advices as well as suggesting the perfect gift to make with a gift wrapping service second to none.
Burt's Bees products have been around for 30 years but they 've always been sold in other shops and department stores with a dedicated shelf. This is the first UK Brand Store where you can find everything produced and maybe never seen before by Burt's Bees. Check online at to learn about the charity the company is involved with and to see what's new before visiting the Pop up Hive.

Joules Eyewear at Vision Express

Joules is a lifestyle brand that conjures outdoors and country living in nice cottages and imposing mansions, a bit like some of the most famous rom coms. This season Joules and Vision Express teamed up together to launch a womenswear and kidswear range of sunglasses and optical models, all with the distinctive Joules patterns and the expertise of Vision Express.
These Joules sunglasses are gorgeous, I love the floral patterned ones and the whole range has got prices starting at £ 60.00 up to £ 70.00. They are very affordable and the quality is excellent. The palette comprises navy, olive green, brown, tortoiseshell and the floral in the Salcombe model. The sunglasses are available at as well as at the Vision Express website.
If I needed some optical glasses the Alice model in crystal red with floral temples would have been my first choice even if with 16 models to choose from it would have been quite difficult to make up my mind. They are all gorgeous. These glasses are designed in collaboration with Mondottica and this particular model is priced at £ 149.00 with the price including single vision lenses. Obviously if your needs are different at Vision Express you can ask for different eyesight lenses to suit your prescription.
This vintage style beauty is the Richmond model by Joules in tortoise shell colour. Priced at £ 60.00 it is a timeless model with a beautiful shape and I am sure that if needed they can be fitted with  prescription lenses as well(in this case the price will be different).
The first pair of glasses on the glasses case is from the Kids range and it is the Faye model. With the NHS voucher is priced at £ 40.00. I think ii is lovely. When I was a child and I had to wear glasses, they were so ugly that I was ashamed to wear them and now my eyesight is quite ruined because I did not want to wear glasses before. The blue glasses are from the woman range and it is the Suzie model priced at £ 149.00 like the Hetty model in grey with striped temples and the Suzie model in brown horn colour with floral temples.
The Salcombe sunglasses model by Joules with its stripy temple is the key product in the range available in navy blue and floral. This model is priced at £ 60.00 and I must say, I find it quite unisex and fitted with reading lenses or prescription ones it could be a pair of glasses for men as well. Prescription glasses and sunglasses can be found at where you can choose your favourite model and then head to a store near you for an eye test and having prescribed lenses to suit your needs.