Advent Gift Calendar: Day 2 Pringle Socks

For many socks might be  something to be overlooked but  when socks are by Pringle, you 'd wish you'd  receive them by the bucketful , at least I would. The quality is superior, the patterns are both classic or innovative and feet clad in novelty socks just cheer everyone up.
From the Pringle White Label for women this nice box of socks is a great stocking filler (pardon my pun). As well as the traditional Christmas designs like robins or owls, there are some unusual colours like this beautiful purple and black, my favourite.
From the Pringle White Label for men this gift set is lovely with Christmas decor but not too loud. Gift sets with socks and a boxer are available, a nice idea because it is not just women that should receive underwear for Christmas.
From the Pringle Black Label this nice gift set with a pair  of socks and a pair of boxers will be much appreciated by virtually everyone. It is a tradition and one that brings good luck, to wear new underwear on New Year's Day, so put on the shopping list some Pringle gift sets like this one.
I love these three pair of socks set by Pringle White Label for women. Cats is a passion of mine and having socks like these mean that you will never loose yours in the washing machine. They are already on my wish list. Treat yourself and your loved ones at as well as finding Pringle socks nationwide at the best department stores.


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