SaltSpin Denim

It is very difficult to find the perfect pair of jeans and even if you already find one, it is never enough to own another pair or more. The British brand  SaltSpin is the place where you can find a huge denim range to suit everyone 's taste. There are more than 40 styles of jeans in this amazing London website and they are all designed with making a woman comfortable and stylish as the same time with details and dyes to die for ( pun intended)
This faded denim super skinny jeans is the Topaz model. Every pair of jeans at SaltSpin bears the name of a mineral or gemstone. The website went on air a couple of days ago after five years of planning and developing the brand, sourcing the denim from the best mills in Italy and Spain.
The Zinc model is a bit like the boyfriend's denim, a bit slouch, but in the case of SaltSpin, it will follow the feminine design of the body enhancing the silhouette. All the denims have a bit of stretch for more comfort and the fabric is very soft. The Opal model for example has got that soft feel that really it looks like silk.
Because of the stretching and fit, it is advisable to order the jeans a size smaller because they will fit perfectly. I am generally a size 28 (inches at the waist) and for my SaltSpin jeans I find the size 27 perfect. I love the fact that the branding is very demure with just a small little tag that you can't see unless you go very close and the embroidery of the rear pocket is very discreet as well.
Among the 40+ styles of jeans available at SaltSpin you can find the traditional blue, the black, the grey but also coated jeans in pastel shades or with a bit of glitter. All of them have a fantastic feel, looking like leather but peach soft.
The SaltSpin website is very easy to navigate, depending on your choice of jeans you can find them all divided by kind, so skinny, super skinny, straight, bootcut. Needless to say that the luxury factor is predominant given the high quality fabric and all the details that make a pair of jeans something a bit more than just a pair of jeans. I have lots of appreciation when I wear them and you feel confident because you know that they fit you like a glove. If you are in London you might have same day delivery depending at what time you order them, for the rest of UK is next day delivery free of charge. Go, browse and order at


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