QVC When It Is Not Too Early To Start Thinking About Christmas

Well I've said it, it is never too early to start  thinking about one of the most anticipated holidays of the year. Christmas is upon us , we might still wearing a t- shirt but it will take nothing to start counting to the day.
QVC can  solve many problems and researches all under one roof, from what to wear to the Christmas party to gifting the whole family and upgrade some of your gadget at home.
I've picked some items that took my fancy and more they will be shown during the following weeks.
This post will have a first selection and if they are not on the website yet, you can  put them in your wish list and when online you will be the first one to know.
Red like Fire this lacy dress by Ronnie Nicole and if you are quick you can secure it because it will be online in October. It is a great shift dress and you can have fun with accessories like the following bracelet.
The Love Rocks Stone Bracelet stretches so it is very handy to wear and if you are alone while you are getting ready to party there is no problem in wearing it, you won't need help to fasten it. look for it, it was available from September so you can still find it online.

If bright red is not your thing and you prefer to wear something a bit classic but with a twist, still from Ronnie Nicole, this black velvet tunic is perfect accessorised brightly.
These Clarks Curtain peep toe sandals in black with blue "gemstones" decoration  will give that festive feeling without being OTT. Keep on eye for these lovely shoes because they will be available in November  and you can have them in gold as well.

Obviously a LBD needs something sweet and funky. Lulu Guinness with this Black Dora Face Pocket Flora clutch, takes care of your essentials for a night out like a mobile phone, credit card and a red lipstick. From October many more items will be added on the website so without hesitation, go online to


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