Hanro of Switzerland AW16

When thinking of Hanro of Switzerland, the first thing that comes to mind is its high quality lingerie, minimalist in some ranges and very sophisticated and luxurious in some collections. This season, I've been amazed by its home wear range, made of the best fabrics ever, soft wool and silks, gorgeous cashmere, the best laces with exclusive patterns. Everything screams elegance and comfort .
This ensemble is the perfect uniform to have a relaxing time at home and if unexpected guests will ring at the door you will feel proper. The knit in viscose cashmere and polyamide has got that beautiful ivory melange nuance that complements the silk shirt and the cupro and cotton trousers in crystal grey.
This is another outfit for the Hanro of Switzerland knit range. The robe in silver melange is in viscose, cashmere and polyamide while the blue dress is in cotton and cashmere. It will be appropriate if you have to nip at the corner shop for a food top up or the papers.
Be comfortable for your yoga lesson or pilate with the combo top and leggings by Hanro of Switzerland in polyamide, cotton and elastane. I love the pomegranate colour but they are available in blue as well.
This turtle neck shirt in silk and cashmere is a great  staple item for your wardrobe. It will cover all your needs pairing it with a skirt suit or trouser suit or with a casual look. Available in white, blue and black it will see you through the cold season .
I love the cosiness of this pyjama in wool and silk. It is so soft  and the blue colour embraces you for a restful night. Home wear and nightwear are a very important part of my day to day  life, because when I'm at home I feel I can relax only when I wear something comfortable and soft. Hanro of Switzerland cover with excellence and high quality this important part of our day.
When writing about Hanro of Switzerland we cannot miss to mention its lingerie. This combo top and midi brief in cotton and silk are practical, comfortable and at the same time they 've got a touch of luxury with the silk and the lace detail. Available in grey and off white they are the everyday no fuss lingerie but they  will make you feel tidy.
I could not resist a bit of lace with this gorgeous Hanro of Switzerland  spaghetti top in cotton  and maxi brief  in lace polyamide and elastane. The red plum colour is warm and festive  and you can see that this season palette is centred on this nuance as well as blue, grey and taupe colours for a very sophisticated  collection.
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