The Christmas List of Gifts for Men

When buying a gift for a man we always find ourselves asking the same question " What can I get to....? " It is not difficult to buy a gift for a man but it is difficult to guess what they want because they are not as open as us women that when we like something we put our wish list to all the social media or we start sighing at the shop windows. I've found something that even if it is not that original, it has got style.
A shaver is a useful gift and even if beards are a trend, they still need a trim to be kept tidy. Remington has got a great selection of shavers and Tesco has got at least 11 models on its website to choose from.  This model is cordless so perfect for travelling or kept at his office's desk if the look " 5 o 'clock shadow" is not really the favourite ones.
Chanel doesn't need any introduction and I think that most men know this brand maybe just for hearsay but still they are familiar. Bleu de Chanel is a classic, timeless and refreshing fragrance for men and at The Perfume Shop you can find deodorant spray and shower gel for a personal scented hamper.
Hanro of Switzerland is known as an underwear company but  recently has introduced a lounge and leisure wear range. This "Lorenzo"  casual sweater, made of soft jersey with the typical Hanro high quality fabric, will be a winner. With  V neck and ribbed details at the collar, cuffs and hemline, it is a classic design that will please men of all ages.
The Hudson Waxed Jacket by Joules is a great garment, with all the pro of a waxed jacket without the cons, like wax odour or wax sticking to other fabrics. Also this jacket will fit the wearer without being rigid. The colour is the classic olive green, has got quilted sleeves, checked lining and interior and external pockets. It is a true beauty.
The National Gallery shop has got this Pencil Sharpener Desk Tidy in sustainable rubberwood with a stainless steel gold blade. Fill it up with chocolate for a greater treat. I think that this gift would be well received for someone who works from home so he spends most time at his desk and it is nice to be surrounded by quirky things.
A Retro Assai Turntable with its orange portable case will be a fantastic idea if the man you are thinking of has got his old vinyls still on display in a bookshelf. This turntable is suitable for listening to  the old vinyls rather than the new electronic dance  records. With the MP3 converter inbuilt, it is possible to digitalise the vinyl collection through an USB port. Speakers are inbuilt as well so you don't need to connect it to  stand alone speakers. The case is made of wood and bound with leatherette.


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