The Christmas List of Multicolour Gifts

Let's carry on with more ideas for Christmas presents, today I will pick items which are brightly coloured ranging from fashion, tech, home decor, anything that has got a bright hue and I'm sure you know somebody who is going to love what I'm posting.
These bright pom pom key rings by Jigsaw can jazz up any bag. It is a great stocking filler and there is a huge choice of colours available as well as textures. Here I've selected some furry key rings but you can have them in wool as well and leather. Shop at your heart content at or check on its website your nearest store.
Be one of the first to own a cuff by French label Les Georgettes that combined  two iconic brands together with craftsmanship in jewellery and leather. This craftsmanship result is a beautiful cuff in metal lined in leather that can be customised choosing the colour of metal, the width of the cuff and the colour of leather. There are something like 20,000 combinations. Launched only a year ago, Les Georgettes can be found in UK at many retailers and it is still growing. Check them out at 
I love this faux fur scarf by Charlotte Simone. It gives a splash of colour to any coat, it is guilt free and extremely warm and soft against your neck. This is what  we need right now. This bi coloured scarf can be found at the best department stores in London as well as top independent boutiques.
I became a fan of Infruition bottles when I've seen them last summer and from that day my bottle has always been with me in my bag quenching my thirst with infused water I've prepared the night before and let to infuse during the night. This is a great gift for the healthy person, the sporty one,  or to educate somebody to become one by drinking water during the day. The website is packed with recipes and the choice of the colours is quite impressive. The lids hold a chamber where you put pieces of fruits, leaves of mint and spices like cinnamon stick and pronto, your water tastes deliciously. Read more at
A camera is always a great gift to receive and these colourful Polaroid Snap Instant Cameras can be found at Currys in a range of colours from purple, to red, to black or pink or blue. You can take a picture and print it instantly like the old Polaroid that was so popular in the 1970s. I remember having a great time snapping away and see the result immediately instead of waiting to collect the pictures from the shop. Check at the nearest store or buy online.
In Italy there is the tradition to gift a red pair of brief or a matching set to wish good luck for the new year. And tradition wants that you have to wear that pair of brief or matching set on the 1st of January.  Men are not excluded from this . Check at Matalan for this lovely Sling Diamante matching set. This kind of gifts is appropriate among girlfriends as well, I must say that when gifting a friend an item of lingerie it will be easier because you know what is right without having to wear something too kinky for your tastes.
Now a wireless speaker is an essential part in our lives. We like to listen to our music everywhere while multitasking. French brand Lexon  has redesigned its iconic Tykho radio and has come up with this  bright Booster Wireless Speaker and radio in three great colours, purple, lime and yellow. It has a fantastic sound quality, it is waterproof, and connecting your phone to it you can even answer your calls while listening to the music just pressing a button. This beauty can be found at House of Fraser at its electrical department.


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