Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Sabinna AW17 " I Still Love You"

Fashion Scout  at Freemasons Hall had, among all the designers showing under  its "wings", Sabinna with her romantic, pastel coloured and feminine collection " I Still Love You". Silks, velvets and crocheted yarns  remind of when somebody explores first love, a trip down memory lane of when we were teenagers. That is the inspiration the designer Sabinna Rachimova worked on. Enjoy the video.
The palette is a mix of mint greens, powder pinks, as well as black, nudes and flashes of reds. I loved the belts shaped like corset in knitted yarns.
This little number has got  the belt that really caught my eyes and that gives a twist to the whole outfit.
Cosy snug jumpers paired up with silk organza trousers for a comfy look.
This crocheted top is gorgeous and gives character to a plain and sophisticated pair of trousers. Sabinna has introduced to Fashion Scout the Virtual Reality of selling straight from the catwalk thanks to an app called Pictofit. Check out more at www.sabinna.com

Monday, 27 February 2017

Annderstand AW17 " Romance Revolution"

Fashion Scout hosted the Annderstand fashion show at the Freemansons' Hall where the designer introduced her latest collection " Romance Revolution" during London Fashion Week. The palette as you will see from the video and the pictures, comprises navy, black and smoky grey and ivory. Metallic hues are also involved in order to attract those few sun rays during the winter season.
A trend that I have seen in other  shows regards belts shaped as corsets, and Annderstand  collection has got some coats with the back enriched with ribbons, nodding to this lingerie garment or maybe to a medieval inspiration.
Military style is quite present in the collection with capes and jackets. The embroidery of frog alamari in this cape is gorgeous.
This purple jacket is a beauty. Paired up with leather trousers and over the knee boots, it is something that can be worn everyday, or at least I would. The jacket here has got as well that military feeling that reminds me of the Romantic bands of the 80's like Spandau Ballet.
Annderstand' style is inspired by the 90's London vibe and this coat is the essence of the brand with masculine tailoring and frayed and distressed details. I've really love the socks with crystal application.
This beautiful coat has got metallic lapels so that when the sun shines they will attract the light and project it on your features making  them glow. On the catwalk some of Ge Yu, the designer behind the brand Annderstand, lingerie range as well. www.annderstand.com

Thursday, 23 February 2017

Dans la Vie Rira Sugawara " Heavenly World" AW17

I've got a soft spot for Rira Sugawara, the creative director of Dans La Vie, I've seen all her fashion shows and I love the colours, the themes and her unmistakable patterns. Immerse yourself in the video by Adam Cripps and Project Video Production team for the full collection. Fashion Scout hosted this runway show  at the Freemansons' Hall
I always enjoy a Dans La Vie show, the collection bursts with colours and the expert use of embroideries and the swarovski applications on lizard skin prints for this collection are amazing. This year the  "Heavenly World"  is rocking.
This trench coat is gorgeous, perfect for a grey and rainy day. Just looking at it brings a smile on your face. If I had a wish list for this show I think that it would be full with  the whole collection.
The cut of this jacket is superb and I love the leggings, after all they are in my favourite colour so I am a bit partial in here. Note the application with the swarovski on the jacket for that little touch of sparkle.
The stylist for this Dans La Vie show, Namalee Bolle has teamed up Rira Sugawara outfits with transparent boots by Public Desire, absolutely great. www.danslavie.co.jp

Mark Fast AW17 London Fashion Week

London Fashion Week has just closed its door after a whirlwind of shows has captured all those attending this seasonal fashion event.  This season I've been to shows at the Fashion Scout  site at the Freemasons' Hall where I always find new and vibrant designers. This season only, Fashion Scout had about 42 shows and presentations. Mark Fast with his bright colours has been a feast for my eyes and I've noted quite a few outfits. But let's have a look at the video of the show by Pavzo.

Knitted lycra and wool, bright amethyst purples, fire opals oranges and all gemstones nuances as well as black and white.
I love this dress, styled with a simple black turtleneck sweater. This is the kind of outfits that goes from the catwalk straight in to the street. Who says that fashion shows display only unwearable garments?
Mark Fast here has put together my favourite colours, purple and orange for this fringed dress, a modern version of a flapper dress. Being inspired by cinema, art and sculpture, this dress sum everything up.
Knits, as seen before this show, will make you change your perspective when you will realise what beautiful things can be done, not only a scarf or a Christmas jumper. Mark Fast makes knitting something very cool.

Thursday, 9 February 2017

Ideas for St Valentine 's Day for Men

Men love to receive a gift as well as women, so don't expect a gift from your loved one but do the first move. I've found few things that might be helpful in this last minute rush.
Is your man a sport's lover ? These beautiful S'well bottles will be perfect to quench his thirst at the gym. The S'well bottle can keep drinks cold for 24 hours and hot for 12 hours. They are made of stainless steel and they have several patterns.  If it is too late to order one of these beauties online you can try  at Jigsaw shops and The Shop at Bluebird . www.theshopatbluebird.com
Jones the Bootmaker is introducing its new collection in stores nationwide and every few weeks new styles are added to the stock. These Chelsea Boots are gorgeous and they are a classic model that is always on trend. Go together but then go to the till to settle the bill for your man. www.jonesbootmaker.com
Ties are the classic gift, I know, but when you get a tie from Penrose London, you have a little piece of art, starting from the silk to the finished product which is handmade and the skilled craftsmen and women know exactly how to work in order to present you with the very best of this British company that uses a unique  bespoked to Penrose London, cutting pattern. Check the nearest stockist at www.penrose-london.com
Simon Carter has got everything you need for your man, from suits, to wallets passing through shoes or watches and jewellery. It is really a one stop for everything. For St Valentine I' ve picked this passport and luggage tag set in leather. It could be pair it up with a romantic week end break. www.simoncarter.net 
Tumi has got some of the best leather goods I have ever seen. This Webster backpack from the Harrison collection is very sophisticated, made with smooth leather, with a front pocket and the inside divided in padded compartments, perfect for all the digital gadgets. It is a great hand luggage, instead of a canvas rucksack and it is fantastic to store all the essentials while travelling to work. It is available in black and brown. www.uk.tumi.com
Fill this lovely mug  from Sainsbury's with the finest chocolate truffles or a supply of his favourite teas. At St Valentine the thought is important, not the amount spent. So if your man loves nice and unusual teas or if he has a sweet tooth, show him that you know his tastes. www.sainsburys.co.uk

Sunday, 5 February 2017

Ideas for St Valentine's Day

St Valentine's day is one of those celebrations where if in a couple a gift is expected or hoped for, and for sure not exchanging gifts on the 14th of February it is always a bit disappointing. In my opinion if we wish to make a gift to our loved one, it should be when we want and not at a set date, but alas, it has now become a tradition. I've found some ideas, a couple a bit unusual but maybe more appreciated than a box of chocolate and flowers.
I am a strong fan of Dr Martens shoes and just now they've launched this limited edition St Valentine range which has just landed in store at the beginning of the month. This is something that a true fan of this brand will love. It is a capsule collection of footwear and accessories, with heartshaped cross over bags, while the shoes are the classic boots and brogues. www.drmartens.com
This mug from Sainsbury's is lovely. Perfect gift for the tea lover and if with a tight budget but it's the thought that counts. It could be a nice idea to pair it with some nice tea and at Sainsbury's there is a great selection of teas from well known brands. www.sainsburys.co.uk

Joules has just launched these beautiful wallets with plenty of pockets to store all our cards and little notes. A new wallet in these bright colours is a preview of the summer coming, hopefully, soon. Remember when gifting a wallet to put inside a coin, a penny for good luck and if feeling generous leave a gift voucher from her favourite shop.  www.joules.com
St Valentine is for many, the occasion to gift a piece of jewellery, if this is the case but engagement rings and other important milestones have already been celebrated,  a necklace with a delicate chain and a pendant that can be worn everyday is the right answer. Laura Gravestock designs lovely pieces of jewellery in silver or gold and her prices are very reasonable. These two necklaces are from her new collection and they are just two of many designs available. They are really for all the budgets, starting from £ 20.00 for a pair of earstuds in silver.  www.lauragravestock.com
Planned a trip away for St Valentine ? A new set of suitcases could be the perfect gift especially if, inside, there is the ticket for your next holiday. Tumi is specialised in sturdy, light and stylish suitcases like these two from the V3 collection in Blur print. With four wheels, less than 5 kg weight for the big one and less than 3 kg weight for the small one, they are the ideal luggage for a week end break or for a big trip. www.tumi.com
Sparkly and fun this clutch bag from Sos15. This is an example but each clutch is hand made to order and the waiting time is about 4 working days. This means that if you want a clutch  bag with a specific writing like a name or both names, it is possible to have it. Before being scared by this exclusivity, the prices are great and you can check them online at www.sos15.co.uk