Atelier Bloem Fragrances

They've just arrived at Liberty's , launched on the 10th of April. A collection of amazing fragrances by Atelier Bloem, the brainchild of Andrew Goetz and Matthew Malin who found their inspiration from living  in Amsterdam and love for gardening. Each fragrance tells a story either a memory  or something that links The Netherlands to New York.
Atelier Bloem has launched six fragrances, unisex and straight to the point. No fuss in the bottle or packaging. Both are very minimalist and elegant. It is the fragrance that speaks for itself. Bloem is Dutch for Flower and all the 6 fragrances are floral but with a twist.
Nieuw Amsterdam is the original name of New York and it was a Dutch settlement. The official flower of NY has always been the rose, that's why this fragrance has been created using Centifolia Rose. But don't expect a frumpy fragrance, not at all, we've got all the twist from Magnolia, Ginger, Geranium Rose, Oud and Honeysuckle just to name few ingredients.
Black Tulip by Atelier Bloem is  intriguing and full of mystery, like its namesake flower. Tulip is a symbol for The Netherlands, so this collection could not miss it. Ingredients that make this fragrance unique are Atlas Tulip, Ivy, Freesia, Violet and Jasmine, as well as Amber an Bergamot. I'm not disclosing any more ingredients because you have to go and discover them by yourself.
Van Gogh is another landmark when thinking about The Netherlands and the Iris has been one of the most beautiful works. Iris is inspired by the Dutch artist and among its ingredients you can find Cardamom, Rain Forest Orchid, Violet, Iris Petals and Star Jasmine as well as Pimento Blossom and more. All the fragrances by Atelier Bloem have got a wonderful mix of essences.

1614 is the date when the hamlet in the Hudson Valley was discovered by the Dutch and they kept it for 50 years until 1664 when New Amsterdam has been renamed New York. It is a very spicy fragrance with Black Pepper, Sweet Clover, Sandalwood as well as fresh Bergamot and floral Rose Water and Jasmine.
 The Halve Maen was a ship captained by Henry Hudson for the Dutch East India Company , who tried to sail to China using a quick route but the ship just reached the Hudson River, that now is bearing the name of this Englishman. Half Moon is the English translation of the ship name. This fragrance is very fresh with notes of Bergamot, Peach and Fresh Green among other essences.
William is named after the Dutch Prince William of Orange and obviously the Orange bit is playing the part of the star in this fragrance. You will detect Nectarine, Orange Flower, as well as Lavender, Sambac Jasmine and Sandalwood. I am honest, I wouldn't know what to choose, they are all incredibly gorgeous. The only option is to try them all depending on the occasion and the mood.
They are priced at £ 160.00 exclusively to Liberty  and with an only size of 100ml.


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